Barracuda Lake: Weird Dive Site

Barracuda Lake is one of the most visited tourist spots in Palawan. The lake is one of the attractions in Coron, Palawan, Philippines that is just near Kayangan Lake. So if you happen to have a visit to Coron, do not miss to go snorkeling in these lakes especially Barracuda Lake which is known for its weird waters.

The entrance of Barracuda Lake is a bit dangerous since you have to climb and go down with the steep slopes of limestone. Although there are wooden steps, you need to be careful. The entrance is small so it can only take a few people at a time.

Reasons Why Barracuda Lake is not just an Ordinary Lake:

Barracuda Lake is a famous dive site in Palawan. It has blue waters but the temperature is a bit interesting. The topmost surface of the water is cold and refreshing. As you go deeper around 14 meters, you can feel the warm and salty waters. You can actually see in your eyes the diversion of the water temperature. It is called by the experts as the thermoclines, a visible layer of cold, warm and hot waters.

As you go deeper into Barracuda Lake, the water temperature can go 38 Degree Celcius. That is quite hot. At the depth around 30 meters, visibility can drop to zero. You cannot see any color but black. You cannot even see your hand. These data are a bit interesting and somehow scary since you don’t know if there are life forms that will come out of the black waters underneath. But there are no records of incidents like that.

Actually, you cannot see much marine life Barracuda Lake. Fishes are rare to see. But diving into the lake is much likely a way to enjoy it more since the lake is deep. And you don’t want to hit a fish when you dive, just kidding.

So if you happen to visit Lake Barracuda, bring your snorkeling gears and try to discover the area yourself and witness its mysterious thermoclines. Just a friendly reminder, the area is quite small so leave your things in the boat since there is no enough space to store up your things and you don’t want to have a pain in the back while climbing up the steep limestone going to the lake.

Barracuda Lake Images:

Barracuda Lake

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Barracuda Lake

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Barracuda Lake

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