Lake Holon: Hidden Beauty in South Cotabato

Lake Holon is situated in the crater of Mount Parker. It eventually became a tourist spot in South Cotabato that catches the attention of more adventure lovers. The Lake Holon is also called by the locals as the Melibenghoy. Melibenghoy is quite a name, too Filipino. The tourist spot is located specifically in T’boli, South Cotabato, Philippines.

There are some trails going to the lake but there is a famous trail called by the locals as the highway. The trekking adventure is not going to be a smooth trekking. You should expect the skin itching grass. Some may wound you if you are not careful enough.

Because the trekking is not going to be easy and the trail is somewhat undesirable by those who are not adventurous enough, consider some preparations.

Checklist Before Trekking to Lake Holon in Mount Parker:

  • Do the trekking if you are physically fit.
  • Wear study foot ware.
  • Wear your travel clothes. Clothes that will cover you whole body and mind also bringing a hat.
  • Travel light.
  • Bring water, food and few clothing.
  • Bring your tent. Don’t forget your tent.
  • Bring water and water containers so you can refill it along the way.
  • Mind also bringing mosquito repellents since Lake Holon is covered with forest, expect some mosquitoes and other insects that may be a distraction in your sleep or adventure.
  • Do not forget to bring flash lights and some lighters or anything that can ignite fire since you will need to stay warm during the night. Bear in mind that you are going into the mountain so expect the freezing temperature at night.
  • Don’t forget your camera if you have one.

Some may complain and tired of trekking but when you reach the lake, it will somehow relieve the stress. The lake offers a good view and the word QUITE and PEACEFUL really exists. Mindanao is not that harsh anyway. So take away that mentality that when you heard Mindanao, you think of many unwanted scenes.

Lake Holon Images:

Lake Holon South Cotabato

rawen balmaña – flickr

Lake Holon Dawn View

adi.levinshtein – flickr (embedded image)

Lake Holon: T'boli Wooden Boat

cam miranda – flickr (embedded image)

Activities to Consider in Lake Holon:

  • Swimming in the lake. Although it is not really recommended to swim at the crater lakes but if you are adventurous enough the lake is safe for swimming but don’t go too far away from your comrades.
  • Setting up a bonfire! With the freezing temperature during the night, it is a good way to set up a bonfire while enjoying with your companies.
  • DO NOT YELL or make so much noise in deep night. Many beliefs especially Filipinos belief of spirits and guardians, that some spirits may be disturbed and may cause you harm so be careful.
  • Mind waking up early so you can take good shots during the morning.

Lake Holon is a beautiful tourist spot hidden in the forest of South Cotabato, Philippines. If you want some adventure, mind visiting this cool place named Lake Holon.

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