Lake Pandin: Raft Chilling in Laguna

Lake Pandin is a tourist spot in Laguna. The lake was particularly located in the area of San Pablo. Among the 7 lakes of Laguna, Lake Pandin and its twin Lake Yambo are the only lakes accessible to tourists.

The remaining 5 lakes are:

  1. Bunot Lake (the source of aquatic foods),
  2. Mohicap Lake (the source of tilapia),
  3. Sampaloc Lake (the largest lake),
  4. Calibato Lake (the deepest lake),
  5. Palaklapakin Lake (the shallowest lake).

The seven lakes are all crater lakes.

Lake Pandin is calm and clean. You can only see some small movement of the waters when there are big winds but for good weather the lake is silent and amazing. The lake has a depth of 180 feet. That is somewhat closer to 3 long streetlight posts joint together. The lake is unspoiled and good for swimming.

The management of the lake offers 3 hours tour to the lake. A life vest is provided. A tour includes riding a raft and a lunch. The raft (which has a roof) is maneuvered by 2 women to the center of the lake.

The staffs of Lake Pandin are mostly the local citizens. The women helps all the preparations and accommodations of the tourists in the lake including the steering of the raft. The men helps also but most of them catch fishes to be cooked and served to tourist and visitors.

The most common lunch in the menu includes grilled tilapia and shrimps.

The tour costs Php 360.oo per person or Php 180.oo but without lunch.

To enjoy more of the lake, these are the suggested things you can do:

  • Swimming. Even you are not a good swimmer and afraid of the depth of the lake, a life vest can somehow make you float in the water.
  • Swing in a tree branch.
  • Jump off the raft and do the dives.
  • If you don’t want to get wet, you can just actually enjoy your company in the raft and chill.

The twin lake of Pandin which is Yambo is just near. A tour guide can brign you there. You will need to trek to see the lake but swimming in Yambo is not recommended. Just take some pictures and enjoy the view.

Images of Lake Pandin:

Lake Pandin

tony hidalgo – flickr

Lake Pandin San Pablo

michelle reyes – flickr

How to get to Lake Pandin:

Follow these steps and you will safely reach Lake Pandin before you know it.

  1. You need to ride a bus going to San Pablo, Laguna.
  2. Drop off to the San Pablo City.
  3. Ride a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off to 7-11.
  4. Ride a jeepney bound to “ILOG”.
  5. Do not forget to tell the jeepney driver to drop you off to Pandin Lake.
  6. From Pandin Parking area, a guide will take care of you to Pandin Lake.

Book your tour ahead of time by contacting Ate Siony. You can contact here via this number +639299789565.

Lake Pandin is a hidden gem in Laguna. If you happen to visit Laguna, you might want to book a tour to Lake Pandin and enjoy its beauty.

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