Sailaway to the Pink Sand Beaches of Bermuda

Somewhere in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, the golden rays of the sun meet up with the never-ending shades of blue, and the turquoise of the water kisses a beach of enchanting pink. Therein lies one of the most magical places on Earth. If you didn’t believe in magic, I’m pretty sure you will when you breathe in the beauty of Bermuda’s pink sand beaches for yourself.

Sailaway to the Pink Sand Beaches of Bermuda

Whether you’re looking for an adventure, for an unforgettable family trip, or you want to go for a journey of mindfulness and peace, you’ll find it and more at Bermuda.

Sailing Away to Bermuda

Your journey to Bermuda starts way before hitting the pink sands, for the nature surrounding is just as mesmerizing. Many adventurers choose to take their own private yachts and set their sails for Bermuda, while others seek out Bermuda cruise sailings to reach their destinations. Whichever you choose, you’re in for a treat of a lifetime.

Lying in the North Atlantic Ocean under British Territory, the secluded 181 islands of Bermuda greet you long before your arrival. Extending about 10 miles off the shores and around the islands, you’ll stumble across their trademark coral reefs. You’ll get a glimpse of the underwater world majesty as you watch the whales go on with their lives, but the water has many more secrets waiting to be told.

Secrets of the Underworld

You’ll get to experience being a captain of your own boat, creating your own sailboat charter with a crew to command in Bermuda. You’ll also find every water-activity you can dream of, so get your gear ready to go for snorkeling, diving, or cruising. On your adventure, you’ll be able to explore the stories of the sunken shipwrecks, the coral reefs, and every other secret the ocean holds.

Beaches You Can’t Miss at Bermuda

Whatever you feel like doing, or dream of trying, you’ll find a beach just for you at Bermuda. With the unrivaled beauty of the pink sand extending all over the shores to an endless turquoise ocean, you can choose a beach to chill, explore, camp, have quality family time, party and have fun, or all of those together.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

The Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Bermuda, getting its name for its curved shape. With limestone rocks, cliffs, and a coastal trail that opens into other beaches, you’ll find every kind of water-activity you want. You’ll also find luxurious accommodations, and festivals hosted every year.

Elbow Beach

One of the best places to go for a swimming vacation, Elbow Beach offers snorkelers and divers the chance to explore the shipwrecks and coral reefs while swimming with the colored fish. Back on shore, there’s a variety of bars, restaurants, public restrooms, and other private amenities.

West Whale Bay Beach

Can you guess what this beach is famous for? That’s right, whales! In April, you can spot the whales in their migration towards their feeding grounds. The beach also has a lot of green and grassy areas, adding greens into the beautiful canvas.

Tobacco Bay Beach

This beach holds another story to tell. 4 centuries ago, the Sea Venture crew were shipwrecked on the reefs. Seeking refuge in Bermuda, they stumbled upon a beach full of wildly growing tobacco (and hence its name). Today, you can enjoy the bonfire dancing to beat of the music at night, and enjoy a peaceful day of snorkeling.

After exploring the beauty of these islands, you’ll get back to your home a believer in magic -if you’re ever able to leave such a magical place. Keep your eyes open and your soul enchanted, and you’ll be able to get a vacation of a lifetime at Bermuda. After all of the sightseeing, underwater activities, amenities and luxuries on the beaches, festivals, and bars, you’ll realize you just found paradise on Earth.

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