Dahican Beach: Go Surfing in Compostela Valley

There are many places you can visit in Mati, Davao Oriental but when it comes to tourist attraction, a quick recommendation by the locals would be Dahican Beach. That is if you really like to hang out on beaches!

Dahican Beach is a beautiful 7-kilometer long stretch white sand beach. Swimming in the beach aye? Sorry to blow your bubble but this may not be the best one because, I say this much because I have been there, the waves are not normal. By that I mean, after all this is a very know surfing site in the area!

Dahican Beach

Talk about clean beaches, Dahican would probably one with highest scores. You can prove it with your own eyes and the presence of fishes swimming around. You can actually see them most of the time when the wave pulls back from the shore.

Locals say that at times when the waves are not that huge, need not to go far to catch big fishes!

We tried swimming when the waves are not that big. However, time eventually came when you cannot literally go swimming because the waves are too strong to stand against. You’ll flip back to the shore, and all of us tried it.

If you are brave enough to try surfing, most resorts has surfing boards and instructors.

In Dahican Surf Resort where we stayed last time, you can have surfing lesson at PHP 400 per hour. That’s pretty decent price actually. It’s just that time there’s no available instructor to teach me so I think I saved PHP 400.

Locals and friends in Dahican says there is actually a beach on one end of Dahican where the wave is not that huge and good for swimming as well. I guess we’ll go there next time.

By the way, if you want to choose Dahican Surf Resort, there’s an entrance fee of PHP 100. And we got a table by the beach for free.

They have rooms you can choose to stay as well as a place where you can order food, coffee and drinks.

There are many resorts around Dahican Beach you can choose from, like Botona Beach Resort, Tropical Kanakbai among others.

Expect a long long ride to get to Dahican Beach. If you are from Davao or Tagum City, it takes about 3 hours to get to the beach. However, the views going there are astounding!

You’ll even pass though the iconic “Sleeping Dinosaur”, a land formation that resembles an ancient creature.

Dahican Beach is a beautiful site to go chilling out with friends though and just enjoy the waves, the very long soft white sand and beautiful views. Pay a visit one of these days.

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