Pros and Cons Of Leaving Your Car At the Airport While You Travel

Many people would like to think that they are well prepared for any travel related issues, yet get stuck the day before departure on where to park their car. If that has happened to you, and you are thinking of whether to park your car at the airport or not, then this article can help you. We have laid down the pros and cons of leaving your car at the airport, while you go on vacation or try to catch that important business meeting.


Pro #1: Long-Term Rates

If you will be parking your car for a longer period of time, you will find more affordable deals on airport parking sites, along with one- or two-day parking rates. If, for instance, you’re taking off from Newark Liberty International Airport, which is considered one of the top three airports serving the New York tri-state area, you will find that Newark long term parking rates are truly affordable, and parking there for a longer period of time will cost you less, even on holidays, but you need to reserve a slot as early as possible. Moreover, airport parking will offer you a variation of price rates that depend on your parking type selection, such as self-parking, valet, and uncovered or covered parking.

Pro #2: Convenience

One of the most important positive points about parking your car at the airport is, convenience. Driving your car to and from the airport is the most convenient course of action, especially if you are traveling with your family and need to take care of kids and more than one piece of luggage.

Pro #3: Time Saving

You will save a lot of time parking in the airport compared to parking off-site. If you are one of those people who always arrive late to the airport, then it is better to stick with airport parking so you can reach your terminal fast enough.

Pro #4: Security

There’s no question about the fact that your car will be much safer inside the airport parking than anywhere else. The security guidelines at airports are tough enough already; thus, you can travel knowing for sure that your car will be safe and sound when you arrive.


Con #1: High Price Rates

If you are a frequent flyer who travels for a maximum of 2 days, then this option will cost you a big sum of money in the long run. As discussed before, only long-term rates are affordable, which makes the whole airport parking experience worth it.

Con #2: Finding the Right Spot

So you need to catch a flight, but you find yourself driving in circles at the airport parking lot trying to find a good spot for your car, but what if you can’t? Well, that whole situation can be frustrating for you and for the people you are with. Even if you reach the airport early, you will just be concerned with where to leave your car.

Deciding whether or not to use the airport parking should be based on your research and gut feeling. Consider where you live and how reliable public transportation is in your area. If you know it’s not reliable (based on your experience), and taking your own car to the airport is faster and more convenient. Then make that reservation for a parking slot at the airport parking lot, now, and you’ll be sure to never miss a flight again.

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