2 Extraordinary Pink Sand Beaches in the Philippines

You may have already seen beautiful and amazing beaches before but probably not like these. You may have already seen white sand beaches, long stretch sandbars and all but these 2 beaches are unique.

Zamboanga and Northern Samar have these extraordinary pink sand beaches which attracts the attention of many travelers and locals.

2 Pink Sand Beaches in the Philippines

1. Great Sta. Cruz Island

Pink Sand Beach of Sta Cruz Island

Pink Sand Beach of Sta Cruz Island – outoftownblog.com

Great Sta. Cruz Island is where most travelers flock together. It is considered as the number 1 tourist spot in Zamboanga City in Mindanao. It became more popular due to the presence of pink sand beach. Recently, it was included in the list of 21 best beaches in the world by National Geographic.

The real reason why the sand is pink is that the color of the corals are pink. Since many years of clashing waves passed by, fine fragments of corals mixed with the sand on the beach and made it pink over the past years.

This beach is really very amazing. If you want to go and have some swimming here, just bring your own swimming and snorkeling gears.

You can also enjoy eating seafood from the locals in Great Sta. Cruz Island.

If you want to visit this beach, coordinate first with the Tourism Office in Zamboanga in order to provide you maximum security. Your stay in the beach is of limited time of the day so make sure enjoy every moment with your families and friends.

2. Sila Island

Pink Sand Beach of Sila Island

Pink Sand Beach of Sila Island – www.thephilippines.com

Sila Island is probably the most amazing pink sand beach in the Philippines. Sila Island is located in San Vicente, Northern Samar.

Aside from pink sand beach, it is also clean and relaxing. There are cottages on the beach you can rent. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the beach. Just bring your own swimming or snorkeling gears to enjoy more.

Sila Island is the favorite vacation place of the locals. This is where most teenagers and families have their picnics while enjoying the view. During summer, tourism is at it’s peak in Sila Island.

These pink beaches are amazing right? Very inviting. Share this post so your friends or families can see also.


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