Popular Beaches You Should Visit In Costa Rica

Are you in dire need of a nice vacation on the beach? Do you want to get a tan as you sip on your pina colada and watch the sun go down? If so, then we’ve got the perfect destination for a magical beach vacation for you. Spread your wings high and fly to Costa Rica, where the magic happens.

Snuggled between the Caribbean shorelines and those of the Pacific ocean, Costa Rica is an underrated coastal gem that you absolutely must explore. So, take a deep breath cause you’re about to be dazzled with the Costa Rica beaches you should definitely pay a visit.

Costa Rica Beaches

1. Whale Tail Beach (Uvita)

This beach is double-tap perfect; you’ve probably seen this one before on Social media, for it is absolutely marvelous. Let’s take you to the South Pacific, where you will find a stunning peninsula, extending to unravel a perfectly-shaped whale tail sandbars. If you go there in the period from May to November, you may get lucky enough to witness the adorable sea turtles making their way to the park to nest.

2. Playa Flamingo

The Playa Flamingo beach stands out with its pearly, sparkling sand. With the sun hitting the beach at just the right angle, the sand reflects a delicate pinkish shade. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s where the name “Flamingo” comes from. You can also find cozy homes that suit your needs and preferences, according to this Costa Rica All Inclusive Villas guide, even if you have an extravagant taste. All in all, it’s a lovely beach to swim at, as the wieldy waves will softly caress your body.

3. Nicoya Peninsula

The Nicoya peninsula encompasses a variety of beaches suitable for everyone. If you’re a free, adventurous soul, the Nusara beach is the place to unleash the surfer beast inside you. It is where the three mesmerizing Garza, Guiones, and Pelada Beach collide to shape the perfect wave for you to ride like a magic carpet. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, there is also a place for you at Ostional Beach. The sight of “arribada”- mass annual sea turtle nesting will take your breath away. Have you ever wanted to go snorkeling? Playa Conchal is calling your name! Get your sandals and your gear on and go for a splashy dive.

4. Esterillos Oeste Beach

Do you miss your 17-year-old dark Emo self? Your prayers have been answered. You will find palm trees and dazzling black sand alongside fishing boats softly floating over the crashing waves. Esterillos is not so far from Jaco’s beach, so you can also surf near the rocky outcroppings.

Playa Costa Rica

5. Jaco Beach

Looking for a safe beach for swimming with your family and young ones? The warm, shallow, and hypnotizing water of Jaco Beach is the ideal option for you. The crescent sand stretching for 2.5 miles along the bay is perfect for building sandcastles with your kids. It’s also nice and flat for a romantic walk with your partner or even yourself with music in your ears. As per accommodation, we’ve got your back. Behind the beach, you can find different hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Costa Rica is rich in splendid beaches. There isn’t a single activity that you cannot find on its beaches. From swimming and snorkeling to surfing and fishing, the list goes on! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your bags, and hop on the first flight to Costa Rica!

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