10 Best Tourist Spots in Sorsogon

Sorsogon is a province in the Philippines in Bicol Region situated in the southernmost tip of Luzon Island blessed with extraordinary tourist spots. Geographically advantaged, the province is one of the most popular eco-tourism destination of the country for its whale shark interaction, scuba divingsurfing and island hopping tours. It also has lagoons, lakes and mountain peaks for outdoor adventures. After all the travels, visitors may relax at the cold and hot springs in one of its towns.

The province of Sorsogon is bounded by Albay (north), Philippine Sea (east), San Bernardo Strait (south), Ticao and Burias Passes (west). The 800,000+ residents of the province speak in Sorsoganon, Bicolano, Filipino and English languages. Sorsogon City is its capital city.

The natural tourist spots in Sorsogon are the best destinations for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Make sure to visit the top tourist spots in the province upon your holiday vacation.

10 Best Tourist Spots in Sorsogon

1. Donsol Whale Shark Interaction Site

Donsol Whale Shark Interaction Site

Photo courtesy of More Fun In The Philippines

Donsol is one of the best tourist spots in Sorsogon, a world-renowned site for whale shark watching and interaction tours. Whale sharks are rarely to be seen but onsite, the gentle giants are freely swimming and eating the abundant plankton and krill. The whale shark interaction tour is very affordable and should be arranged in Donsol Visitors Center. Tourists with snorkeling gears will aboard a boat with the boatmen, guide and spotter. The boat will be positioned to the site where the whale sharks are and tourists go swim with the 4-12 feet harmless giants. February to May is the reported peak season.

Donsol Whale Shark Interaction Site is located in Barangay DancalanDonsol, Sorsogon.

2. Ogod River

Ogod River

Photo courtesy of SebastianJensen

Ogod River is a famous place to visit in Sorsogon for firefly watching activity. It is a 100-kilometer river connected to sea with lush mangroves and trees on its sides. During the night, thousands and fireflies gather around in the trees on the river. Most visitors from Donsol whale shark interaction tour also avail this activity at the same registration site. A limited group will aboard a boat to go on a river cruise while a knowledgeable guide tell interesting trivia about fireflies. Though fireflies can be seen in trees along the way, the final destination is the one famous tree where thousands of fireflies gather every night.

Ogod River is situated in Donsol, Sorgon.

3. Bulusan Volcano Natural Park

Bulusan Volcano Natural Park

Bulusan Lake and Volcano | Photo courtesy of Alfred Ballesteros

Bulusan Volcano Natural Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in Sorsogon, a 3,673-hectare protected area in a forested part of the province. There are 2 main attractions in the natural park, the Bulusan Volcano itself and the Lake Bulusan. The active volcano stands 1,565 meters above sea level and the most frequented by mountain climbers. The volcano features a tropical rainforest, volcanic crater and breath-taking summit view. On other hand, Bulusan Lake is a 27-hectare lake at the foot of the volcano with emerald waters surrounded by verdant trees. It is a favorite site for picnic and kayaking.

Bulusan National Park is bounded by 5 minicipalities: Bulusan, Barcelona, Irosin, Juban and Casiguran.

4. Riza Beach

Riza Beach at Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp

Photo courtesy of Cherry Bustamante Burwell

Riza Beach is a known destination for surfing in Sorsogon. The beach features a wide and long stretch of fine white sand beach facing the Pacific Ocean arrayed with green trees. It is a pristine beach with constant moderate to big waves and sandy bottoms perfect for both beginner and expert surfers. For beginners, there are surf camps onsite that can help you with the inexpensive surf lessons. Surfboard rentals are also available for expert ones. Lola Sayong’s Eco-Surf Camp is the most popular surf camp located at the center of the long stretch beach. They offer accommodation, dining and surfing lessons.

Riza Beach is situated in Gubat, Sorsogon.

5. Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary

Photo courtesy of Sir Joe

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary is one of the most visited tourist spots in Sorsogon. It is a privately owned fish sanctuary in a lagoon where the owners dedicate themselves for the conservation of marine life. This is commonly the first stop on an island hopping day tour. Tourists will notice amazing scenery on the way to the lagoon, the crystalline waters and green hills. At the center of the lagoon is a fish pen where visitors are allowed to enter, snorkel and feed the fishes. Most big and other marine life are located on a separate pen/cage including lapu-lapu, big-eye trevally and giant clams among others.

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary is located in Matnog, Sorsogon.

6. Subic Beach

Subic Beach

Photo courtesy of Todd Umpa

Subic Beach is a beautiful beach in Sorsogon characterized by a considerable stretch of white-pinkish sand, crystal clear sea water and verdant greenery along the shores. At daylight, the pinkish sand is just and illusion created by the red coral fragments mixed with the white sand. There are actually 2 Subic Beaches, the Subic Laki (Big Subic) and Subic Liit (Small Subic) separated by a short stretch of land. From the names themselves, Subic Laki is bigger but crowded while the other is the opposite one. This is one of the island hopping destinations where visitors can stay/camp overnight.

 Subic Beach is situated in Matnog, Sorsogon.

7. Tikling Island

Tikling Island

Photo courtesy of Sir Joe

Tikling Island is one of the famous tourist spots in Sorsogon, a private island but the owners allowed visitors on a day tour. The island has a beautiful creamy white sand beach with turquoise calm waters and shores arrayed with trees. There are no cottages or resorts but a hospitable caretaker and his family is present on the island. The other side of the island are decorated with Instagram-worthy rock formations. This is one of the 3 island hopping destinations in Sorsogon along with Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary and Subic Beach. The tour are arranged at the Tourism Office of Matnog.

Tikling Island is located in Matnog, Sorsogon.

8. Paguriran Island and Lagoon

Paguriran Island and Lagoon

Photo courtesy of Dani Nacion

Paguriran Island is a small island in Sorsogon composed of jagged limestone rocks with growing vegetation and a lagoon at its center. The water in the lagoon is just from ankle to waist deep on low tide but could reach neck deep on high tide. The site is good for swimming and cliff jumping. Climbing at top top of the limestone rocks, one would see a beautiful view of the lagoon, sea horizon, mainland and a glimpse of Mount Mayon (on a normal day). The island is just 100-meter away from the shores of the mainland and can be reach on foot in low tide but also manageable in high tide.

Paguriran Island and Lagoon is situated in Barangay Sawanga, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon.

9. Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort

Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort

Photo courtesy of Resty De la Cruz

Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort is one of the best tourist spots in Sorsogon, a favorite weekend getaway destination among locals and especially those tired tourists from nearby destinations like Mount Bulusan and Paguriran Island. There is a cold and hot spring pool in the resort where the hot sulfur water came from the active volcano, Mount Bulusan. Of course, most visitors relax on the hot spring pool which is believed to have therapeutic benefits. The resort is surrounded with trees and lush foliage. Cottages and tables are available for day visitors and rooms for an overnight stay.

Mateo Hot and Cold Spring is located in Barangay Monbon, Irosin, Sorsogon.

10. Saint Joseph Church

Saint Joseph Church

Photo courtesy of wheresjoanne

Saint Joseph Church, commonly known as Barcelona Church, is a Roman Catholic Church in Sorsogon built by the Franciscan Friars 1874. The church was made out of coral stones, beaten egg whites and tuba (local coconut wine). The facade, walls and bell tower of the church are said to be still at its original forms. One can tell that the church is really old from the colors of the stones and the growing moss/plants on some part. The interior of the church has been renovated and added beautifully designed stained glass windows. Across the street in front of the church is the Barcelona Ruins Park facing the Pacific Ocean.

Saint Joseph Church is situated in Barcelona, Sorsogon.

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