How To Choose The Right Hotel For Your Vacation

Accommodation is important when you’re traveling. Of course, you need a place to stay the night after a long day. Hence, it has to be the perfect place that can help you make the most out of your vacation.

But, with so many hotels out there, how will you choose the best one for your vacation? If you’re traveling soon, here are some tips to help you choose the best accommodation, so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Decide on Your Desired Experience

Not all hotels are created equal. Some are built to accommodate travelers who merely require basic overnight accommodation and others can offer you nearly everything you need, so you won’t need to go out.

That said, when choosing a hotel, think about the experience you’re looking forward to. If you’re only checking in for a place to spend the night as you’ll be spending most of your days doing activities outside, then a low-priced and simple hotel might be enough.

But, if you’re traveling to unwind and just want to stay in your hotel, you might need a hotel that can offer more than just a bed to sleep on.

Know the Amenities and Facilities

Once you’ve decided on the experience you want for your vacation, you should then check the hotel’s amenities. For the bedroom amenities, you should see the bed sizes available, the telephone, the writing desk, and the docking station, to name a few. You should also check the bathroom amenities. This way, you’ll know which bath essentials to bring.

Aside from your room’s amenities, you should also check the hotel’s facilities as they can also affect your stay, especially if you plan to spend most of your time in your hotel. If you’re staying for a few days, you need to check if the hotel has a restaurant and what cuisines or meals they offer.

You should also check facilities for your entertainment and relaxation. Depending on your needs, you might want to see if the hotel has a gym, swimming pool, a spa, a golf course, or any facility for sports, to name a few.

Check the Location

Location plays a huge part in your experience too, especially if you plan to explore the area. If you’re traveling to another country, for instance, you want to get to know the place better. Hence, you’ll probably spend most of your time traveling and seeing different tourist spots in the country.

You might want to choose a hotel that has a great location where you can easily get to the tourist spots you planned to visit. This way, you can save more time traveling from one place to another and, of course, save money as you won’t have to travel far to get to and from your hotel.

Before you book a hotel don’t forget to check the map. See how far it is to your desired tourist locations to visit and how you can get there. If you plan to commute, a hotel near a train station, so you can save a significant amount of time.

Read the Reviews

Feedback is one of the important things you need to take a look at when looking for a hotel. This allows you to hear what other guests have to say about their experience with the hotel you’re eyeing. With unbiased reviews, you can save yourself from the stress and waste of money that previous guests experienced.

When checking the reviews, don’t forget to take a look at the date when the last review was posted. So, you can have a better idea of how the hotel is today.

Additionally, don’t overlook the bad ratings. This way, you’ll know what else to expect and decide if you can let such situations pass if it happens to you or if you’re better off finding other hotels.

Check the Hotel’s Main Market

Hotels cater to different markets. There are those that focus more on couples and there are others that are more family-friendly. Knowing a hotel’s clientele helps you have an idea of what to expect when you’re already there.

Hotels that mostly cater to families are, of course, often visited by groups of friends and families with small children. Hence, expect kids and teens to be running to and from which isn’t ideal if you want a quiet getaway. So, make sure to research a bit about the type of clientele of the hotel you’re eyeing.

Check and Compare Prices

Just as how hotels’ amenities differ, their prices vary too. For that reason, you should also factor in the prices of the hotels before you book a room.

Even if you’re planning to stay in a luxury hotel, you should also try to compare prices. This way, you can find better deals and save more money to spend on other experiences in the area.

Character and Style

Not many people pay attention to a hotel’s character and style. It’s usually just a personal preference. However, it’s also worth considering, especially if you’re just planning to spend most of your days in your room. It would be such a waste if you’ll just book a hotel that looks the same as the cheaper ones in the market.


Cleanliness is important, especially these days. It will not just only affect your stay but you might even catch diseases after staying in a dirty hotel.

To get an idea of a hotel’s cleanliness, one of the things you can do is to read the reviews. If nothing is mentioned about the cleanliness of the hotel, chances are, you won’t have any problems with it.

You may also check when the last time that the hotel was updated or renovated. If it has been revamped within the last four years, you can expect well-maintained and clean decor. Also, ask when the mattresses were replaced. This way, you’re sure that you have a comfortable bed to sleep on.

You don’t always get to spend some days off your work. Hence, it’s important that you find the right hotel to not waste any second of your vacation.

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