Big 8 Hotel Digos – My First Hotel Experience

It was August 28, 2023 which marks the day where I am no longer a single man because I just married the most beautiful woman in the world. The wedding event itself is really amazing through the grace of God because it is really wonderful and everything flows beautifully.

Before this day, my sister and her boyfriend already gifted us a Deluxe Room at Big 8 Hotel here in Digos City, Davao del Sur, Philippines. It was around 5 in the afternoon where we went to the hotel, parked our multicab in their parking area then went in to check in.

I am just narrating here the entirety of our experience as I seem to find this way of sharing a little bit personal and I seem to like this kind of approach. So, let’s continue with the story.

Since it was my first time, I asked Lorem (my wife ❤️) to do the talking at the reception because I am not familiar with this.

The very friendly and approachable people there gave us a little pocket envelope which contains two cards and a paper slip containing the WIFI password.

The Room

The Deluxe Room is located at the 9th floor so we went to the elevator and pressed the 9th floor. Since it’s my first time, there’s a notification where it is a “restricted floor” or something like that. Nonetheless, we figured out right away that we need to use the keycard to grant us access to that floor.

Going inside the room is really an exciting experience. As we enter, the lights just turned on and I think also the air conditioner. Little did I know that you have to leave one keycard on the card holder near the door so that all things there will not turn off on their own.

We explored the entire room, the bed is really nice, soft and really comfortable. Then there’s a television, an electronic safe box, complimentary drinks, 2 bottled water, 2 coffee sachets and a heater (there’s also a water dispenser outside with hot and cold).

There is also a refrigerator, and what I like the most is that there’s a bible in the drawer below the main mirror.

The bathroom is also really nice and amazing, there’s a shower, toiletries and a hair dryer. As a first timer, I was amazed that when I turned on the faucet, its cold. However, when I did it again, now it’s really hot. Turning the faucet to the right makes it hot, to the left – cold then to the center a little lukewarm. I really enjoyed this feature.

The Location

The Big 8 Hotel in Digos is really positioned beautifully. Opening the curtain on a plain view, a beautiful sight of the mountains is really something and as you look below, you can just see the nearest mall, fast-food chain, pharmacy and banks.

So right after a little rest, we went down not to eat at their restaurant but to eat in McDonalds my favorite place to eat. Then we bought snacks and some things then went back to the hotel, this time we already knew how the elevator works going to 9th floor.

Let’s skip the night and now it’s morning…

The Amenities

We were informed beforehand that there’s a nice lounge (not sure what it’s called), a workout gym, swimming pool that opens till 9:00 PM, and a free breakfast at the restaurant.

We have not explored the entire area but they surely have function hall for large gatherings and a coffee shop to have some coffee.

The Restaurant

So, in the morning, we were excited and went in ahead to eat breakfast in the 2nd floor as it is where the restaurant is located. And it’s a nice tasty breakfast. Just look at these images.

The Pool

As there are still pending transactions regarding the wedding, we went outside to process it. Then we went back as soon as we can, bought some swimming clothes and enjoyed their swimming pool. Around 30 minutes we were the only people there and it feels like a reservation for just the two of us.

As it approaches 1:40 in the afternoon, we packed our things then went to their restaurant to eat lunch. However, seems like they have to ask the chef if he can still take orders because I think they don’t receive any more orders around 2:00 pm so we just stopped the waiter and said we’ll just checkout and eat outside. The people that works in the Big 8 Hotel that we have interacted are so far all kind people.

We checked out and that’s our amazing stay at Big 8 Hotel.

I really want to experience more of this kind of hotel or resort stays so perhaps I will make content like this in the future. You can book Big 8 Hotel through Agoda which you can also find more details and room rates.

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