10 Best Tourist Spots in Camarines Norte

Camarines Norte is one of the provinces in the Philippines located in Bicol Region in Luzon known for its sweet pineapples and exciting tourist spots. The coasts of the province are blessed with powdery white sand beaches and paradise islands. The forested mountains are dotted with majestic waterfalls and the plains are watered by clean rivers. The natural tourist attractions in the province makes it a promising eco-tourism hub in Luzon.

Historical churches from 17th century are still active in the towns. Water parks and resorts were also built as quick weekend getaways for the locals and foreign tourists. The natural, man-made and historical places to visit in Camarines Norte are its additional gems.

The province of Camarines Norte is characterized by rolling hills and mountains, plains and valleys along the long stretch of fine sand coastlines. It is bounded by Pacific Ocean (north), San Miguel Bay (east), Lamon Bay (west), Quezon and Camarines Sur (south). The 580,000+ residents of the province speak in Central Bikol, Tagalog and English Languages. Its capital city is Daet.

There are numerous things to do and places to visit in the province. Below are the top 10 tourist spots in Camarines Norte you may want to include in your travel list.

10 Best Tourist Spots in Camarines Norte

1. Mahabang Buhangin

Mahabang Buhangin

Photo courtesy of Rhoem Daduya on Instagram

Mahabang Buhangin is one of the best tourists spots in Camarines Norte very known to beach lovers and backpackers. The kilometers long stretch of powdery white sand beach and crystal clear waters add up serenity and simplicity gained its reputation as one of the best pristine beaches in the country. The green hills and trees makes the perfect ambiance of the beach. Beach camping is an ideal thing to do but to save from all the hassle, Waling-Waling Eco-Village situated on the beach offers food and accommodation packages.

 Mahabang Buhangin is located in Tinaga Island, Calaguas Group of Islands, Vinzons, Camarines Norte. Vinzons and Paracale ports are the to jump-off points to the beach.

2. Mercedes Group of Islands

Mercedes Group of Islands

Canimog Island Lighthouse View | Photo courtesy of Kring on Instagram

Mercedes Group of Islands is included in the best places to visit in Camarines Norte. The 7 islands that comprises the Mercedes Islands are: Apuao Grande, Apuao Pequeña, Canimog, Canton, Caringo, Malasungi and Quinapaguian. All of these islands have pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Some of the islands have marine sanctuaries, bat sanctuary, old house and ruins, lighthouse and more. Aside from swimming and snorkeling, the best things to do in the islands are mountain trekking and hiking to explore its own features and see panoramic views at hilltops.

 Mercedes Group of Islands is located in Mercedes, Camarines Norte.

3. Bagasbas Beach

Bagasbas Beach

Photo courtesy of Michael Rafanan on Instagram

Bagasbas Beach is one of the famous tourist spots in Camarines Norte. It is a 4-kilometer long stretch of fine grey sand beach with moderate to big waves. The consistent waves all year round and sandy bottoms make it one of the surfing grounds in the province. Surfing instructors are available to teach the beginners for an affordable fee. Another feature of the beach is its strong winds which makes the kids happy flying kites while it makes adventure seekers enjoy kiteboarding. Though it is a public beach, it is clean and a known destination for surfing and kiteboarding.

 Bagasbas Beach is located in Daet, Camarines Norte.

4. Maculabo Island

Maculabo Island

Photo courtesy of stab stitch on Flickr

Maculabo Island is another island destination in Camarines Norte. It is an inhabited island where the residents are into fishing and farming industry. The main attraction of the island is its wide and long stretch of fine white sand beach with crystalline waters. Visitors should be cautious in swimming since the waters in gradually sloping sand goes very deep fast. The depth can be observed while the boat is docking in the island. A rocky part of the shore with crystalline waters is is also a good site for swimming where most visitors go. A viewing site at the top of the hill offers a panoramic view of the shores, vast sea and the mainland of the province.

 Maculabo Island is located in Calaguas Group of Islands, Paracale, Camarines Norte. Thought it is part of the Calaguas Group of Islands, it falls under the jurisdiction of Paracale and not Vinzons.

5. Colasi Falls

Colasi Falls

Photo courtesy of Bicol Deck on Instagram

Colasi Fall is one of the exciting tourist spots in Camarines Norte, a 70-foot tall waterfalls tucked in the forestland of the province. The majestic waterfalls is being surrounded by mossy cliffs with growing plants in it and lush of green foliage. It has a deep and wide basin good for swimming and the exciting thing to do is to ride a bamboo raft to go near the rushing cascading waters. Going to the falls requires approximately 2-hour hike from the jump-off point passing though the smooth, rocky and steep terrains, boulders, wooden stair and small streams.

 Colasi Falls is located in Barangay Colasi, Mercedes, Camarines Norte. Contact the Mercedes Tourism Office to arrange your planned visit.

6. Nacali Falls

Nacali Falls

Photo courtesy of Badaguas Fatima

Nacali Falls is one of the majestic falls tucked in the forested mountainside of the province. It is approximately 60-foot high with a very cold and clear catch basin. The area is surrounded with lots of trees and green foliage. The falls is truly a nature paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The attempt to visit the falls alone is an exciting trip. One have to ride a zipline to reach the next mountain (or chose to hike but takes time), cross a hanging bridge and approximately 2-hour hike to get to the falls. A tour guide is recommended for the visitors not to get lost in the jungle.

 Nacali Falls is located in San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte.

7. Cadig Cave

Cadig Cave

Cadig Cave is one of the promoted tourist spots in Camarines Norte. The cave rests in a deep forest at the foot of a mountain composed of several dark compartments with stalactite and stalagmite formations. The trek to the cave takes around 2 hours from the jump-off point passing through agricultural lands and forests where visitors can enjoy the scenery of the rolling mountains, valleys and lush vegetation. The streams with natural pools can also be passed and visitors can relax for a while. A guide and caving equipment are recommended before exploring the cave.

 Cadig Cave is located in Labo, Camarines Norte.

8. Saint John the Baptist Church

Saint John the Baptist Parish Church

Photo courtesy of Kenneth Sadsad on Instagram

Saint John the Baptist Church, also known as Parroquia de San Juan Bautista, is one of the historical churches in Camarines Norte. It is a 400-year old Roman Catholic church and one of the oldest churches in the county. The Baroque church built by Franciscan friars on 1611 with a traditional and plain facade and square bell tower. Unfortunately, a fire incident on 2012 destroyed most of the structure. It was rebuilt a year after with tiles flooring, wooden doors and benches, handcrafted window designs, paintings and ceiling murals.

 Saint John the Baptist Church is located in Daet, Camarines Norte.

9. Pineapple Island Resort

Pineapple Island Resort

Photo courtesy of Miss Elal Lasola

Pineapple Island Resort is one of the tourist spots in Camarines Norte, a weekend getaway destination among the locals and foreign tourists. It is a premier waterpark in the province sprawling 5 hectares of eco-tourism property. The resort has a unique designed swimming pools with slides and kiddie pool. A small lagoon can be found with a pavilion built on its side for some romantic dinner perhaps. The in-house restaurant named Chef Mama offers delicious food and Filipino delicacies. Decent rooms are available for overnight stay. The entire area is dotted with trees, mantled with bermuda grass and concrete pathways. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

 Pineapple Island Resort is located in Barangay Calasgasan, Daet, Camarines Norte.

10. Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort

Paraiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort

Photo courtesy of Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort on Facebook

Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort is another best weekend getaway destination in Camarines Norte. It is a family-oriented resort where kids can enjoy the kiddie pool with slides and the playground while adults can enjoy the large pool and Jacuzzi. Team buildings are also pinned in the resort for they have a team-building center for rappelling, wall-climbing and different challenging obstacle courses. Cottages are available for day visitors and decent rooms for an overnight fun. The entire amenities and organic farm are inside this 4-hectare property.

 Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort is located in Barangay Malasungi, Labo, Camarines Norte.

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