10 Best Tourist Spots in Eastern Samar

Eastern Samar is a province of the Philippines in Samar Island blessed with surreal tourist spots and promising eco-tourism destinations. Hidden in the forested lands of the province are its enchanting caves and majestic waterfalls. Furthermore, off the coasts of the province facing the Pacific Ocean are the beautiful islands with white sand beaches, rock formations and surrounding seas teeming with marine life.

The province of Eastern Samar is one of the 3 provinces in Samar Island which belongs to Eastern Visayas Region. It is bordered by the provinces of Nothern Samar (north), Philippine Sea & Pacific Ocean (east), Leyte Gulf (south) and Samar (west). The capital city of the province is Borongan. Over 460,000+ total residents of the province speaks in Waray-Waray, Cebuano, Filipino and English languages.

From weekend warriors, vacationers to adventure seekers, there are plenty of places to visit in Eastern Samar to choose from and even visit them all in a week or two. If you are planning to pin a trip here, take a look at the most visited tourist spots in the province.

1. Calicoan Beach

Calicoan Beach

Photo courtesy of ABCD Surf

ABCD Beach, commonly known as Calicoan Beach, is one of the most visited tourist spots in Eastern Samar. The beach is geographically facing the Pacific Ocean that produces huge waves which make it the best surfing site in the entire province. The beach features a long stretch of fine sand, rocky bottoms and simple environment. Surfing is fun and this is the site where most people learn how to surf and show off their skills, even surfing competitions are held here. Calicoan Beach is found in Calicoan Island which is connected to the mainland through a narrow bridge.

 Calicoan Beach is located in Calicoan Island, Guian, Eastern Samar.

2. Linao Cave

Linao Cave

Photo courtesy of Ann Abueme Gress

Unknown to many, Linao Cave is yet to surprise thousands of adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts in the Philippines. At the southern tip of Calicoan Island where Calicoan Beach is located is another connected island called Sulangan. Hidden at the tropical jungle of this island is an enchanting Linao Cave. The cave is surrounded with beautiful trees and wide opening at the top but the main attraction is its astounding natural pool with crystal clear bluish waters. It can be accessed through a few minute trek then repel down the collapsed cavern or trek through a small opening at the back of the cave.

Linao Cave is situated in Sulangan Island, Guian, Eastern Samar.

3. Pearl Island

Pearl Island

Pearl Island before Yolanda | Photo courtesy of Martin Schaublin

Kantican Island, more recognized as Pearl Island, is one of the popular tourist spots in Eastern Samar. Obvious in its name, Pearl Island is a small island but famous for the surrounding area being a pearl farm. The surrounding seas in this site is teeming with marine life such as giant clams, lobsters, abalones and different types of fishes and corals.

Pearl Island is located in Guian, Eastern Samar.

4. Homonhon Island

Homonhon Island

Photo courtesy of Chengai

Homonhon Island is a 20-kilometer long island decorated with both history and virgin coastlines. This is the island where Ferdinand Magellan first set foot in the Philippines on 16th of March 1521 on his quest to circumnavigate the globe, which the expedition was later on recognized as the first circumnavigation of the earth. Moreover, Homonhon Island is a an example of a tropical paradise with beautiful kilometers long stretch of white sand beaches perfect for swimming and boating but not too far since the waves can be ferocious.

Homonhon Island is situated in Guian, Eastern Samar.

5. Divinubo Island

Divinubo Island

Photo courtesy of biankikaaaay

Divinubo Island is one of the promising eco-tourism destinations in Eastern Samar. The shores of the island are fringed with vast white sand beaches, verdant vegetation, rock cliff borders and scattered rock formations. Plenty of sea caves can also be found worth exploring as well as green tidal pools and lagoons good for swimming. Atop a highland several steps away from the beach stands a lighthouse overlooking the wide Pacific Ocean and vast plantation of coconut trees.

Divinubo Island is located in Borongan City, Eastern Samar.

6. Ando Island

Ando Island

Photo courtesy of Kai

Another pride of the capital city of Eastern Samar is Ando Island. It is a paradise island with beautiful palm-fringed beaches and natural rock formations. There are also calm-natural tidal pools which are good for swimming. Furthermore, the seas surrounding the island are teeming with marine life where variety of fishes and corals abound that would be alluring for snorkeling and scuba diving. Another major attraction of the island is the Sangat Cave which is believed by the locals as a dwelling place of supernatural beings and inside it are several human bones of early settlers.

Ando Island is situated in Borongan City, Eastern Samar.

7. Ban-awan Falls

Ban-awan Falls

Photo courtesy of Jher Ignacio

Tucked in the jungle-clad part of the mainland of Eastern Samar is the highest and most majestic waterfalls in the entire province, the Ban-awan Falls. The waterfall is a surreal sight to behold as it strongly falls below from a very steep cliff while the area is surrounded with lush greens. It is one of the main sources of water system in the municipality of Lawaan along with the Amandaraga Falls. Going here though requires physical fitness since visitors would be following a challenging trail leading to the falls.

Ban-awan Falls is located in Lawaan, Eastern Samar.

8. Amandaraga Falls

Amandaraga Falls

Photo courtesy of Tor

Amandaraga Falls is another beautiful falls 30-minute trek away from Ban-awan Falls. It is not as majestic as the previous one but it is more suitable for swimming and picnicking. It has a wide and refreshing plunge pool with short boulders along the bank that serves as resting areas for visitors. Exploring the highlands near the falls would be rewarded with astounding views of the falls, mountains and wide forested lands. The falls also serves as a hydro-electric power source of the municipality of Lawaan.

Amandaraga Falls is situated in Lawaan, Eastern Samar.

9. Saint Anthony of Padua Church

Saint Anthony of Padua Church

Photo courtesy of Donna Joy

Saint Anthony of Padua Church or commonly known as Sulangan Chruch is one of the famous churches in Eastern Samar. The church is made known by the locals and believers as the sacred place where those who pray for impossible prayers shall be granted such as healing for incurable disease and asking for materials things. This good news spread in the nearby towns and every Sunday is full of people from those who just want to give thanks to the Lord, students praying for board exams to those praying for healing among others. Saint Anthony of Padua is the patron saint of the church.

Saint Anthony of Padua Church is located in Sulangan Island, Guian, Eastern Samar.

10. Minasangay Island Marine Ecological Park and Resort

Minasangay Island Marine Ecological Park and Resort

Photo courtesy of Minasangay Island Marine Ecological Park and Resort

Minasangay Island Marine Ecological Park and Resort is one of the emerging tourist spots in Eastern Samar. This is a favorite weekend destination among the local families and foreign tourists of the province. The island is composed of green trees, mangroves and scattered rock formations on the beach. It was developed wherein a hanging bridge was built, paved the pathways and stars, and installed cottages and chairs for the comfort of general public. There are plenty of things to do here from just chilling and family bonding to swimming and cliff jumping among others.

Minasangay Island Marine Ecological Park and Resort is situated in Balangkayan, Eastern Samar.

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