10 Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Tourist Spots in Davao City are worth visiting this year. Known to be the Largest City in the Philippines, Davao City has a lot to showcase when we talk about tourism.

Davao City is a home of the Philippine Eagle and also known as the Durian Capital in the Philippines since this is the city where you can find varieties of Durian.

If you are into a vacation or you are planning to go to Davao City and you are wondering where you might want to go, check out these popular tourist spots in Davao City.

10 Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

1. Mount Apo

Mount Apo

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Mount Apo is one of the best tourist spots in Davao City. As the highest mountain in the Philippines, it’s standing 2, 954 meters above sea level. If you are a mountain climber, climbing this mountain will be an awesome adventure.

2. Island Garden City of Samal

Samal Island

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Samal Island is one of the most visited tourist spots in Davao City when it comes to relaxation and recreational activities. Around 70 resorts and world class accommodations are offered in Samal Island. Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the most popular resort in the island. Aside from that the island have white sand beaches and clear waters. Monfort Bat Cave can also be found in Samal Island which has the largest colony of fruit bats in the world.

3. Crocodile Park

Davao City Crocodile Park

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If you have not seen a crocodile yet, this is one of the tourist spots in Davao City you should pay a visit. Davao Crocodile Park is a beautiful park for animal lovers and it will surely surprise you when you see the crocs. There are tigers, ostrich, monkeys, birds, butterflies areas too. Educational Fieldtrips especially for the grade school students are mostly pinned to this park.

4. People’s Park

Davao City Peoples Park

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People’s Park is the one of the teenagers’ favorite hangout and even all the people in Davao where you can freely walk and relax. The park is clean and it is also a home of many kinds of plants. Some plants are from other countries like Australia and Africa. The dancing fountain during the night is a beautiful attraction in the People’s Park.

5. Philippine Eagle Center

Davao City Philippine Eagle Center

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Philippine Eagle Center is the home of the most famous birds and sadly endangered birds in the Philippines, Philippine Eagles. Wild birds, monkeys, reptiles are also inhabiting in the area. There are guides in the center to educate you more of the Philippine Eagle and other animals so expect an entrance fee to be collected.

6. Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park Davao City

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Eden Nature Park is the best place for you if you want to smell some fresh and cool air. It is situated in a mountain where there are many plants and trees especially pine trees. There are also delicious foods in the park where you can avail their buffet for an affordable price. Outdoor activities like ziplining, skycycling, horseback riding and more will be a great adventure. There are also gardens and butterfly sanctuaries you can visit. Don’t miss this beautifully romantic tourist spot in Davao if you happen to visit Davao City.

7. Davao Museum

Davao Museum

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If you love history and you want to learn some history of Davao City, Davao Museum is your perfect destination where the decent artifacts, pictures and all are well organized. A guide will surely lecture you about cultural background of Davao City and facts about those artifacts. We’ve been here lately for our field trip and the museum is really cool.

8. Outland Adventure Camp’s Xcelerator Zipline

Davao Adventure Camp’s Xcelerator Zipline will surely bring out the bravest you. It is the longest and the fastest zipline in the Philippines and in ASIA as well. The State-Of-The-Art equipment is imported from United States and those largest zipline ropes including back up system will ensure your safety. The dual- cable zipline is around 200 meters above sea level.

9. Malagos Garden Resort

Davao Malagos Garden Resort

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Malagos Garden Resort is a very popular tourist attraction in Davao City that draws you out closer to nature. It is a nature themed garden around 12 hectares. This is where you can find many plants and trees like pine trees, durians, orchids, waling-waling flowers and more. This is also a place for many kinds of birds.

10. Davao River Water Rafting

Davao River White Water Rafting

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Davao River White Water Rafting is a great activity if you are looking for some awesome water adventures in Davao City. The clashing of waters and the troubled-looking faces of your team giving their very best will surely bring out your senses and adrenaline rush. Davao River White Water Rafting will be an adventure that surely needs your stored energy.

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