10 Best Tourist Spots in Biliran

Biliran is a small island province in the Philippines located in Eastern Visayas Region surrounded with captivating tourist spots. It is blessed with beautiful islands, beaches and waterfalls. Before it was a sub-province of Leyte but became an independent province on 1992.

Naval is the capital municipality of the province and people speak in Cebuano, Waray, Tagalog and English languages. Looking forward to visit the province this year? Check these interesting tourist spots in Biliran you may want to include in your bucket list.

10 Best Tourist Spots in Biliran

1. Sambawan Island

Sambawan Island Biliran

Sambawan Island Biliran by Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap

Sambawan Island is one the best tourist spots in Biliran. It is a group of connecting rocky islets covered with grasses and trees which are all surrounded with pure white sand beach. Its curve-shaped white sand beaches with crystal clear waters is surely a paradise to all beach lovers. The viewing deck or a watch tower on top of a hill gives a breath-taking panoramic view of the entire island and the vast sea. One can visit here to catch the spectacular sunrise and sunset. Sambawan Island is a marine sanctuary which one can find plenty of corals and marine life which makes it one of the popular dive sites in Biliran.

 Sambawan Island is located in Maripipi, Biliran.

2. Higatangan Island

Higatangan Island Biliran

Higatangan Island by Claire

Higatangan Island is another beautiful island in Biliran. Its main feature is its 200-meter long stretch of white sandbar that looks like a giant snake which shifts its shape almost every month obeying the waves of the sea. There are plenty of white sand beach in the island with turquoise waters luring every visitor for a swim. Near the coasts are rich in corals and marine biodiversity which makes snorkeling very irresistible. Rock formations and lush coconut trees can also be observed in the island. Never miss Higatangan Island in your island hopping tour in Biliran.

 Higatangan Island is located in Naval, Biliran.

3. Maripipi Island

Maripipi Island

Maripipi Island by Meika Yutiu on Flickr

Maripipi Island also called as “The Isle of Gems” is one of the famous tourist spots in Biliran. The beautiful features of the island are its towering mountains clad with lush vegetation and surrounding white sand beaches with crystal clear waters. Among the famous beaches in the island is the Candol Beach. It has a recent boom in tourism recently which contributes to the income of the people. There are many things to do in the island: swimming, snorkeling, trekking, camping, fishing and more. Discover the natural beauty of the island and visit its nearby Sambawan Island.

 Maripipi Island is an island municipality in Biliran.

4. Dalutan Island

Dalutan Island Biliran

Dalutan Island by Pyatz Dacillo

Dalutan Island is a very small island covered with coconut and palm trees which provides shade from the blazing sun. The white sand is not that fine but the main attraction of the island is its pristine beach, abundance in coral gardens, stunning view of the mountains and coastlines of Biliran Island and its proximity to Agta Beach in the mainland. The place is underdeveloped and a caretaker collects a small fee to every visitor. There are small cottages available for day visitors but you can also bring your own tent. Swimming, snorkeling and diving are the best things to do here.

 Dalutan Island is located in Almeria, Biliran.

5. Agta Beach Resort

Diving in Agta Beach Resort Biliran

Diving in Agta Beach Resort | Photo from Resort’s Facebook Page

Agta Beach Resort is one of the best tourist spots in Biliran, dubbed as the most popular beach in the province. It is the first scuba resort in Biliran makes it a haven for scuba divers with easy access to fascinating dive sites near the beach. Plenty of things to do here: swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more. Underwater gear rentals are also available. They also have good accommodation, friendly staffs and known for its delicious slow-roasted chicken. Many travelers recommended Agta Beach Resort as the best resort and a place to stay in Biliran.

 Agta Beach Resort is located in Almeria, Biliran.

6. Mainit Hot Spring

Mainit Hot Spring Biliran

Even though visitors called this a neglected gem in Biliran, Mainit Hot Spring is still a popular destination in the province. Local visitors and foreign tourists visit the place to soothe their muscles and dip into the man-made basin/pool of warm waters. A small basin of hot spring water near the river is said to be hot enough to cook a hard-boiled egg. Below the man-made pool of hot spring waters is the river with free-flowing cold waters. Believers of the healing prowess of hot springs often visit the place.

 Mainit Hot Spring is located in Caibiran, Biliran.

7. Ulan-Ulan Falls

Ulan-Ulan Falls Biliran

Ulan-Ulan Falls | Photo souce: Biliran Tourism Website

Ulan-Ulan Falls is one of the most visited tourist spots in Biliran, tucked in the forests of the mountainous province. There are many waterfalls Biliran and Ulan-Ulan falls is one of the four popular ones. The cascading waters creates a mist or sprinkled waters similar to a rain. The word “ulan” in the local language means “rain“, hence the name. The magnificent falls is surrounded with lush of green vegetation and the basin has enough wide and depth for a swim. It would take 30-minute hike to reach the falls.

 Ulan-Ulan Falls is located in Barangay Sampao, Almeria, Biliran.

8. Recoletos Falls

Recoletos Falls Biliran

Recoletos Falls by Sandy Wadingan

Just another 10-minute hike from Ulan-Ulan Falls is the Recoletos Falls. The cascading waters is not as high as the adjacent falls nor as magnificent as it looks but it has its own beauty. It has a wide and deep basin perfect for swimming and cliff jumping. The basin is enclosed with big and flat rocks where visitors love to have picnics. The trees around makes a good shade from the heat of the sun. The falls is at its natural state, untouched by human developments making it one of the best natural tourist spots in the province.

Recoletos Falls is located in Barangay Sampao, Almeria, Biliran.

9. Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls Biliran

Tinago Falls by oscarmachaconjr on Flickr

Tinago Falls is one of the tourist spots in Biliran, a hidden gem of the province. Though it’s tucked in the rainforest of the province, getting here became easier since the new road was constructed. To reach the falls, it only takes around 10-minutes hike from the highway. A favorite place for nature lovers and locals to relax and enjoy with families and friends. The falls is magnificent and the basin is luring its viewers for a swim. You can also challenge yourself to do cliff jumping. A viewing deck will give you a breath-taking view of the entire falls.

Tinago Falls located in Brgy. Cabibihan, Caibiran, Biliran.

10. Kasabangan Falls

Kasabagan Falls Biliran

Kasabagan Falls | Photo by Israel Opao

Kasabangan Falls is one of the four most popular waterfalls in Biliran. It is a refreshing and beautiful falls, a perfect getaways for nature lovers, families and friends. The basin is also good for swimming try to get a nice spot for waterfall massage. The falls is around 20-minute hike from the main road where you have to pass on monkey rails along a creek to reach the falls. It has already been developed since concrete benches can be found near the falls. Nevertheless, Kasabangan Falls is a beautiful falls to you should visit.

 Kasabangan Falls is located in Barangay Balaquid, Cabucgayan, Biliran.

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