Places to See in Batangas

Batangas in the Philippines is a very popular travel destination for many reasons. This place has a number of sights, as well as attraction spots that make it great if you are looking to travel for fun alone or with family. To have a better experience travelling in this place full of culture and color, then you should know what it offers you.

Places to See in Batangas

Here are some of the places you should not miss on your trip to Batangas, Philippines.


Batangas has a range of beaches that are great for you to explore. The clear water makes an amazing view if you do not want to swim. There are beaches that you can access without having to have a reservation at a resort but there are some great beaches that you will need to go through a resort or hotel to enjoy. To get access to many of the beaches in Batangas, you will have to look forĀ the best resort in Batangas, Philippines. That way you can be sure to enjoy the many exclusive tours, and more importantly beaches that they have.

  • Masasa Beach
    Masasa beach is a very popular tourist attraction because it is a public beach that does not have resorts or hotels over it. There are short cruises you can take from the beach at certain hours and it is easy to get to through walking if your Inn is near or using public transportation.
  • Sepoc beach
    Sepoc beach is on the other side of Masasa and is also a great beach for tourists. The difference is that it is controlled by a resort there. Which might actually be a plus in many cases because then you have all kinds of services available to you.


Batangas is a place that is rich in history and culture, therefore there are many landmarks for people travelling there to visit. These landmarks widely range from parishes and historical monuments to islands and other must see sights.

  • Fortune Island
    Fortune Island is one of the islands in the Philippines that you can go to when travelling to Batangas. This island was actually built by humans and has no source of freshwater, which is why it was abandoned more than a decade ago. You can visit it to look at the many built structures there as well as enjoy the view from the island. It is a bit off the beaten path because not many people go there, but if you like adventure then this is a place that should be on your list.
  • Saint Pedro parish and shrine
    Saint Pedro parish and shrine is one of the many parishes located in Batangas. It is also one of the most famous. You can take tours in the parish to look at the beautiful architecture as well as learn about the history of the place.
  • Taal heritage village
    The Taal heritage village is famous for its historical sights. This place is full of homes and buildings from the turn of the century as well as Spanish homes. You can look at all of these interesting buildings in one of the regular tours done there.

An amazing destination

Batangas is an amazing travel destination that should be on your radar if you like travelling at all. You will never get bored there because of the large number of landmarks as well as activities you can do there. Even after nightfall you can do a multitude of things because Batangas also has a very rich nightlife

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