10 Best Tourist Spots in Sagada

There are many places in the Philippines you can visit but there’s only one Sagada! What I mean is that, considering its famous destinations, you’ll never hear anyone who says, oh this place is like what we saw in Sagada.

This province is almost always in the bucket list of many travelers especially those seeking a different natural ambiance. Some travelers prefer going to beaches, but in Sagada, you’ll find mountains, caves and lush greenery.

Sagada is one of the municipalities in Mountain Province, a 12 hours ride from Manila. It has a population of 11, 244 on 2010 and composed of 19 barangays.

Sagada has many tourist spots like rice terraces, caves, falls, rivers, mountains and more you can visit and surely enjoy (if you can appreciate nature and company of friends)! Well after all, this town is dubbed as “Mountain Province’s Pride.”

10 Best Tourist Spots in Sagada

1. Hanging Coffins

Sagada - Hanging Coffins in Echo Valley

flickr | h_haenen

One of the reasons that made Sagada popular is its hanging coffins. This is quite unusual but it’s a tradition followed by the natives in Sagada. This is a tradition that not everyone is qualified for they have their own rules and specifications to be followed. Coffins are attached in the side of a cliff and believed that the higher the body, the closer to heaven.

2. Sagada Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces is one of the major tourist spots in Sagada. It is a magnificent architecture and design using stone. They carved big steps in the mountains with sustainable irrigation to plant their rice. It looks really like Banaue Rice Terraces although Rice Terraces in Sagada are bit smaller but they are really amazing especially at the top view.

3. Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves

Sumaguing Cave Sagada

Sumaguing Cave – flickr | Ayzi

Lumiang Cave Sagada

Lumiang Cave – flickr | itinerantlondoner

Sumaguin and Lumiang Caves are connected to each other. It is a magnificent cave system which is very deep with Underground River and pools inside. If you love spelunking, you can spend around 3 hours to explore the entire caves. There is a mushroom-like stone formation in the cave which is a perfect spot for taking pictures. The waters are also ice-cold inside fresh from spring. Be warned, this is an awesome cave connection that will surely make you want to come back.

4. Mount Ampacao

Mt. Ampacao Sunset, Sagada

flickr | Bong Bajo

Mount Ampacao is the labeled as the highest peak of Sagada. If you want to have an amazing view Sagada, this is a perfect spot trekked by many visitors. Trekking to Mount Ampacao could take 3 hours so make sure you have estimated well the time of arrival at the foot of the mountain before it gets dark. Although the view is best during sunset, better go there in the morning for safety so you can get back when there is still sunlight.

5. Echo Valley

Echo Valley Sagada

flickr | VG Ramos

Echo Valley is a place to shout all you want! You are free to shout and hear them back bouncing from the forest of Sagada. Hence, the name derives from it. There you can see the amazing rock formations.

6. Bokong Falls

Bokong Falls Sagada

flickr | pabs242

Bokong Falls is a beautiful falls where the locals of Sagada learned their swimming skills just like any other locals especially kids and teenagers in the urban zones. If you want to be refreshed by the nature in the form of natural shower, you might want to try it in Bokong Falls.

7. Bomod-Ok Falls

Bomod-Ok Falls is the biggest waterfalls in the Sagada. The water is cold and below forms a pool which is very ideal for swimming! If you don’t want to swim, try staying at the side of the falls where the water sprinkles from above. The way to get there is quite a long trek but you will surely enjoy the falls.

8. Lake Danum

Lake Danum Sagada

flickr | Macky Sevilla

Lake Danum is more of a picnic spot in Sagada. The river bank is great for having some quality time with your friends and families while enjoying the nature. Its beautiful view vibrates more during sun set.

9. Kiltepan Tower

Kiltepan Tower Sagada

flickr | pepitocapio

Kitlepan Tower will make you gaze at the breath taking panoramic view of Sagada. Hiking will not be that tiresome since the weather is cold. There you can stare at the mountains and rice terraces of Sagada. The best part of it is during sunrise where you can feel the vibrating aura of nature. The golden sun clearing up the sky as the clouds fading away is a very interesting view. Aside from Mount Ampacao, this is also a great spot offering great views of Sagada.

10. Ganduyan Museum

Ganduyan Museum is a must-visited tourist spot in Sagada. Yes, there is a museum in Sagada! It’s not what you would expect from structure of the building. They say do not judge the book by its cover. The outside may not be that attractive but the inside you will be amazed by the artifacts, accessories, sculptures. The family that runs the museum has extensive knowledge of the history of Sagada, make sure also to ask and interact. Find out more of the History of Sagada in Ganduyan Museum.

If you are planning to visit Sagada, the environment is cold so prepare your jackets or anything that will make you warm.

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