10 Best Tourist Spots in Surigao del Norte

Surigao del Norte, located in the northeastern tip of Mindanao, holds plenty of tourist spots. Most of these tourist spots in the province had already been featured in the national televisions and international media. Surigao del Norte comprises of two major islands, Siargao and Bucas Grande, of which most of the tourist spots are located.

Surigao del Norte is blessed with beautiful islands and beaches, caves, waterfalls and lakes. If you want to explore these beautiful attractions, keep reading below.

10 Best Tourist Spots in Surigao del Norte

1. Siargao’s Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Siargao

source: www.kawayansiargaoresort.com

Cloud 9 is one of the most visited tourist spots in Surigao del Norte. Did you know that Siargao Island, especially in the municipality of General Luna, is famous as the “Surfing Capital in the Philippines?.” It gained its reputation from these huge waves called “Cloud 9“. Eventually, the locals called this surfing site in Siargao as Cloud 9. Every year, there is a domestic and international surfing competition in Siargao sponsored by the local government.

Cloud 9 is located Siargao Island particularly in Barangay Catangnan, General Luna, Surigao del Norte. Recommended accommodation in Cloud 9: Ocean 101 Cloud 9 Beach Resort

2. Daku, Guyam and Naked Islands

Daku Island

Daku Island
souce: John Marx Velasco

Guyam Island

Guyam Island
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Naked Island

Daku, Guyam and Naked Islands are favorite destinations for island hopping in Surigao del Norte. These three islands are blessed with powdery white sand beaches. Daku Island is the largest of the three where one can enjoy the white beach or have a shade on the cottages and drink some fresh buko juice. Guyam Island is a small one with few trees while the Naked Island is the smallest but without any vegetation but pure white sand beach.

Daku Island, Guyam and Naked Islands are located in Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte.

3. Sohoton Cove National Park

Sohoton Cove


Sohoton Cove National Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in Surigao del Norte. It is a reserve and protected area where one can witness plenty of small islets covered with green trees. There are many caves in Sohoton Cove that you can explore and there is an interesting one where the exit is a diving board platform where you have to jump down the clean waters below.

Sohoton Cove is located in Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte. It is accessible only at low tide since the only way in is a cave that disappears on high tide. Recommended accommodation near Sohoton Cove: Club Tara Resort.

4. Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools

Magpupungko Beach

Magpupungko Beach Surigao del Norte

source: john2x.blogspot.com

Magpupungko Beach is a known beach in the province for its powdery white sand and an extra ordinary tidal pools or natural pools that is located in the northern part of the beach. During low tide, the enclosed underwater crevices on the shore create natural seawater pools. It is calm and clean since the rock formations underwater separates the crashing waves from the natural pools.

Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools is located at Siargao Island specifically at Barangay Consolacion, Pilar, Surigao del Norte.

5. Tojoman Lagoon

Tojoman Lagoon

Tojoman Lagoon is another extraordinary tourist spot in Surigao del Norte. Have you seen a jellyfish before? If not you can visit Tojoman Lagoon because this is a home of thousands of stingless jellyfish. The species of jellyfish on this lagoon is called Spotted Jelly. One can find hundreds or thousands of orange, yellow and brown jellyfish as your boat roams around the lagoon. You can even swim with these bizarre harmless creatures.

Tojoman Lagoon is located in Bucas Grande group of islands specifically in Socorro, Surigao del Norte. Recommended accommodation near Tojoman Lagoon: Club Tara Resort.

6. Lake Mainit

Lake Mainit

source: vigattintourism.com

Lake Mainit is one of the most visited natural tourist spots in Surigao del Norte, a sight to behold. It is the fourth largest lake and the deepest lake in the Philippines. People visit here to witness the stunning beauty of the lake especially in sunrise or sunset but most people do more like family picnic, fishing and boating. It is called Mainit (hot) Lake because the water is warm not just because of the heat of the sun but it has two sources of hot springs.

Lake Mainit falls within the jurisdiction of the municipalities of Mainit, Alegria, Kitcharao and Jabonga, Surigao del Norte.

7. Lumondo Falls

Lumondo Falls

souce: www.travelingmorion.com

Lumondo Falls is being dubbed as a Neglected Gem of Nature in Surigao del Norte. It is an amazing waterfalls in the province with around 20 meters drop. This falls is at its raw form, preserved and untouched. One can find huge boulders below the cascading waters. There are also plenty of flora and fauna and different species of birds. This is really 99% at its natural form with less or no improvements made. One have to trek on a mountain trail leading to the falls.

Lumondo Falls is situated in Barangay Budlingin, Alegria, Surigao del Norte.

8. Togonan Falls

Togonan Falls

source: kekemoy.tumblr.com

Togonan Falls is one of the famous tourist attractions in Surigao del Norte where you can find two pools, the swimming pool above and the natural pool below. This can be a perfect place if you want to hang out with family and friends. Many people tend to stay at the cold spring/pool above where you can swim and relax but adventurous visitors swims in the natural pool created by the falls. High spirited visitors even climb on the side of the waterfalls and jump into the water at the bottom of the falls.

Visit Togonan Falls in Mainit, Surigao del Norte.

9. Mabua Pebble Beach

Mabua Pebble Beach

source: www.islandtrotters.com

Mabua Pebble Beach Surigao del Norte

source: www.islandtrotters.com

Mabua Pebble Beach is a very unique beach in the Philippines situated in Surigao del Norte for it is composed of millions of smooth white pebbles that make up its shoreline. The waters here are very clear and the stones are super white especially on summer. Just be careful since a few steps away from the shore, the water could go very deep.  According to reflexologists, walking barefoot on smooth stones have impact to the body since some points on our feet are connected with our internal organs making this beach both amazing and therapeutic.

The beautiful Mabua Pebble Beach is located in Mabua, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte.

10. Basul Island

Basul Island

source: rasta_jo2 on Flickr

Basul Island is also one of the known tourist spots in Surigao del Norte. It is a small private island characterized by a long stretch of white sand beach and many trees. There are available simple cottages in the island. There are no stores here so you have to bring food and water. Most visitors stay here overnight to enjoy the serenity of the island, you can bring your own tent and enjoy camping here.

Basul Island is just 30-minutes boat ride from the port of Surigao City, Surigao del Norte.

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