10 Best Tourist Spots in Surigao del Sur

Surigao del Sur is one of the provinces in the Philippines which is famous for its mysterious yet amazing tourist spots. It belongs to the CARAGA Region in Mindanao being Tandag City as its capital city.

You might have heard some of the famous tourist spots in Surigao del Sur like the magical river or the breath-taking waterfalls. Indeed, Surigao del Sur is a blessed with beautiful destinations. Facing the Pacific Ocean, its stunning islands are inviting for some island-hopping activities.

If you are interested to know what are the famous tourist spots in Surigao del Sur, then this list might help you. Read carefully and hope you like it and share it away.

10 Best Tourist Spots in Surigao del Sur

1. Enchanted River

Enchanted River Hinatuan Surigao del Sur

source: Inquirer

Enchanted River is one of the most visited tourist spots in Surigao del Sur. It is considered to be the most mysterious river in the Philippines where the locals believed that creatures like fairies, pixies and mermaids dwell. The water in Enchanted River is very clean and clear. If someone swims in the river, as if he is floating in the sky for it is very clear.

The river is located in the Hinatuan, Surigao de Sur, Philippines. Read more: Enchanted River: The Most Mysterious River in the Philippines


2. Tinuy-an Falls

Tinuy-an Falls Bislig Surigao del Sur Rainbow

source: www.wanderingbluecrab.com

Tinuy-an Falls is another breathtaking tourist destination in the province. It is being dubbed as the most beautiful multi-tier waterfall in the Philippines. The curtain-like cascading waters is camera-worthy. It has three (3) levels. The second level is the tallest and the widest, a favorite spot for most visitors. One can get closer to the cascading waters through a bamboo raft. During 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, the area shows a rainbow.

Tinuy-an Falls can be found in Barangay Burboanan, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur. Read more: Tinuy-an Falls: The Most Beautiful Multi-tier Waterfall in the Philippines


3. Britania Group of Islands

Britania Islands Surigao del Sur

Britania Islands or Britania Group of Islands comprises of 24 beautiful islands which is one of the most famous tourists spots in Surigao del Sur for island hopping activities. These islands are all famous of having crystal clear waters and powdery white sand beaches. Among the 24 islands, the most popular are the Hagonoy Island, Naked Island, Boslon Island and Hiyor Hiyoran Island.

Britania Group of Islands is located in Barangay Britania, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. Read more: Britania Islands: Best-Kept Secret Paradise of Surigao del Sur


4. Cagwait Beach

Cagwait Beach Surigao del Sur Philippines

Cagwait Beach, which the name was derived from the local term “mura ug wait”, is a beautiful beach in the province.  It is a long stretch of C-shaped fine sand beach. The sand is the beach is not so white but it is very powdery and very soothing to the feet. The beach is made more decorative by the array of green trees and coconut trees. It is being dubbed as the “Little Boracay of CARAGA” by many travelers and once linked the place to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, USA by the famous pilot Charles Lindberg.

Cagwait Beach is hidden in municipality of Cagwait, Surigao del Sur. Read more: Cagwait Beach: Long Stretch of C-Shaped Fine Sand Beach


5. Lanuza Surfing Grounds

Lanuza Surfing Grouds

source: www.hotels-and-beach-resorts.com

Lanuza is one of the known tourist spots in Surigao del Sur when we talk about surfing.  The waves in the shoreline of Lanuza can be compared to that of Could-9. The world-class waves caught the attention of foreign and local surfers. The best time to visit Lanuza is in the months of November to March where the big waves are in constant motion. It has various surfing areas from Reef Breaks (waves breaking on a coral reef or rock seabed) to Beach Breaks (waves breaking on a sand bottom beach).

Lanuza Surfing Grounds are located at Doot Poktoy, Zone I, Lanuza and also in Punta and Sitio Badiang, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur.


6. Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary

Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary

source: lanuza.gov.ph

Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary is 111-hectare Marine Protected Areas which is a habitat of different aquatic species including the famous pawikan. This is where the famous Sanctuary Café is located where you can relax and sip hot and cold concoctions  and native products.

Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary is located at Sitio Cagmino, Sibahay, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur.


7. Magkawas Falls

Magkawas Falls

source: trekero.blogspot.com

Magkawas Falls is one of the hidden tourists spots in Surigao del Sur tucked in the forest of Lanuza away from the main road. This is a fascinating falls surrounded with endemic species of flora and fauna, green trees of different types. The falls is about 40 feet high with cold and clean refreshing waters, it has a natural plunge pool that can go deeper than 7 feet. It is just few walks away from Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary.

Magkawas Falls is located at Lanuza, Surigao del Sur.


8. Cantilan Islands

Cantilan Islands Surigao del Sur

source: www.lovemindanao.com

Cantilan Islands comprises 4 popular beautiful islands with different assets.

  • Huyamao island – the island is popular of having white sand beach and lush of vegetation. Most people say that if there is one icon that represents Cantilan, it’s this island.
  • Ayoke Island – this is one unspoiled island in Cantilan good for surfing since waves are big here. Even kids here can surf.
  • Bills’ Sanctuary or Inijakan – a private island which is a good learning center for marine biodiversity and kayaking.
  • Isla Encantada – the island seems like an accurate pile of flat rocks with a white rest house at the top that will give you an enthralling 360 degrees view of the beach.

Cantilan Islands are located in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur.


9.  Laswitan Falls and Lagoon

Laswitan Falls and Lagoon

source: Pinterest

Laswitan Falls and Lagoon is probably the most fascinating falls and lagoon in the Philippines. This is one of the extraordinary tourist spots in Surigao del Sur. This is not the usual falls where the waters come from the forest or mountains, it is coming from the OCEAN! It is a splash of waves coming from the Pacific Ocean blocked by the 20-foot black limestone barrier that creates a waterfall effect. Every splash is surely amazing. It would then flow and spill on the main basin.

Laswitan Falls and Lagoon is located in Cortes, Surigao City, Surigao del Sur.


10. Cabgan Island

Cabgan Island

source: harrybalais.com

Cabgan Island, one of the stunning tourist spots in Surigao del Sur known for having a long stretch of white sand beach. This is an island with beautiful combination colors. White sand beach, green island full of different kinds of trees and bluish sea. Cabgan Island is a good for camping, swimming and kayaking.

Cabgan Island is just 20-minute boat ride from the town of Borobo, Surigao del Sur.

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