Cagwait Beach: Long Stretch of C-Shaped Fine Sand Beach

Cagwait Beach is a long stretch of C-shaped fine sand beach hidden in the 4th class municipality of Cagwait, Surigao del Sur. It is just few kilometers away from the capital city if the province, Tandag City.

It is called Cagwait because according to the history, there is one young sailor who managed to escape from the hands of Spaniards in Leyte passed by the bay. He said the beach is like the open mouth of a human, in their dialect that’s “mura ug wait”, hence the name Cagawait was derived.

Most of the travelers and visitors called this as the “Little Boracay of CARAGA.

Cagwait beach is prestine, quite, simple and peaceful. It is doesn’t have very lively nightlife, not world-class accommodation nor very fine white sand beach. But it is one beautiful beach in Surigao del Sur worth visiting. (Perhaps this is just to help you lower your very high expectations)

Cagwait Beach - C Shaped Beach

Cagwait Beach – C Shaped Beach
source: The Petite Backpaker

Cagwait Beach - Little Boracay of Caraga

Cagwait Beach – Little Boracay of Caraga
source: Scene Stealer

The sand in the beach is not so white. At some part it is but most part of the beach the sand is something like yellow-brownish but very fine and soft, very soothing to your feet. The beach is made more decorative by the array of green trees and coconut trees. A perfect spot to have a shade and chill with your friends when the sun gets scorching hot.

The famous pilot Charles Lindberg, once linked the place to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, USA.

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach

You see, a foreigner member of Trip Advisor visited and reviewed this beach on Trip Advisor. He said:

A great beach location with warm clear water and beautiful sand and trees . Very popular with the local population, I was the only foreigner in the whole sand bay.
Some minor rocky parts around the top end of the beach but the rest is just soft white sand. Great for swimming and cooling off in the hot tropical sun. Local drinks and food can be bought cheaply and eaten in the many huts and shelters under the trees on the beach.

There are cottages near the beach and good accommodations, too. So it will be comfortable for you to stay over the night and have some awesome night at the beach.

Most people suggest that the perfect time to visit Cagwait Beach is on the 3rd week of June. Since people are celebrating the Kaliguan Festival in honor of Saint John the Baptist. There you can watch the prestigious beauty pageant(the Perlas ng Kaliguan), dance performances, sports and cultural activities.

How to get to Cagwait Beach, Surigao del Sur

From Davao.

You can ride a bus going to Tandag City and tell the conductor that you are going to Cagwait. You can:

  1. Alight at the junction where there is a Welcome Landmark and ride a tricycle going to Cagwait Beach for Php 10.00.
  2. Or alight at Aras-asan bus terminal and ride a tricycle going to the beach for Php 15.00.

From Surigao.

  • Ride a bus going to Tandag City. Alight at the bus terminal and transfer to another bus going to Cagwait.

From Tandag City

  • Ride a  bus bound to Butuan/Davao/Bislig tell the bus conductor to drop you at the Cagwait junction.

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Do you want to go Cagwait Beach that most travelers say as the “Little Boracay of CARAGA?” or have you been here? Let us know your thoughts, you can leave a comment below or share this post.

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