Bantayan Island: Powdery Soft White Sand Beach

Bantayan Island boasts its powdery soft white sand beaches. The Island is located in Cebu which is divided into three municipalities namely Bantayan, Madredejos and Santa Fe. There are actually smaller islands near Bantayan Island and near them is a lane for ferries from Cebu to Manila. The nearby islands are inhabitable though.

Bantayan Island is famous for its soft white sand. When you walk barefoot to the sand of Bantayan Beach, you can actually feel the relaxing sand. Even if you walk into the shallow waters of the beach, its actually even softer. If you try to put handful sand, it’s like holding a baby powder. Okay I may be exaggerating a bit about that baby powder thing but you can put it that way.

Not just the white and soft powdery sand but you can actually appreciate the clear blue waters. If you want to swim and put your goggles on, you can actually appreciate the clear waters. Bantayan Island is unspoiled and clean.

Bantayan Island Images:

Bantayan Island

jonas alba – flickr

Bantayan Island White Sand Beach

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Bantayan Island

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How to get to Bantayan Island:

From Manila, you can catch up a flight going to Cebu. So let’s assume you are in Cebu. From Cebu Mactan Airport (where you landed) you will take a taxi that will take you to Cebu Bus Terminal 2. From the Cebu Bus Terminal 2 take a bus ride going to Hagnaya Port. From the port, you will have to take a ferry to Bantayan Island, Santa Fe.

Please be reminded that the ferries travel schedule starts at 6:00 in the morning up to 5:00 in the afternoon. A ferry will leave every 1 and 30 minutes. The travel time to Bantayan Island may take 1 hour.

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