Anguib Beach: Boracay of the North

Popular for its name as “Boracay of the North”, Anguib Beach exponentially grows its visitors from locals to tourists. The white sand beach and the pristine blue waters are noticeable. This place is a haven for beach lovers with amazing wide shoreline and beautiful views. The said tourist spot is located in San Vincente, Santa Ana in the Province of Cagayan.

The beach was actually developed by the Cagayan Economics Zone Authority with the partnership of the Local Government Units in Santa Ana.

In the Anguib Beach, there are no stores so you have to buy in the town. Make sure you have waters, food and important personal things in you.

To enter into Anguib Beach, you have to pay for the entrance fee which is Php 100.oo. There are tents and cottages you can rent.

Images of Anguib Beach:

Anguib Beach 3

andrea gonzalez – flickr

Things to do in Anguib Beach:

Kayaking. You can rent a boat and enjoy the views of the beach with clear waters which will give you wonderful views.

Swimming. The beach is a perfect place to enjoy swimming with your family or friends. Do bring them in Anguib Beach and be amazed by its beauty hidden away from the city.

Chilling. If you are not the type of person enjoying swimming, you can try reading some books or playing some parlor games under the trees since the Anguib Beach has many trees you can shade.

Walking. You can take a walk in the shoreline and witness some amazing views as you go along.


  • There are no ATM’s in Santa Ana.
  • Bring your own swimming gears.

How to get to Anguib Beach:

If you are really far from Cagayan, you can catch up a plane taking a flight to Tuguegarao. From the Toguegarao Airport, just a few walk away you can catch up a van or a bus going to Santa Ana.

From Santa Ana, you can ride a tricycle that will take you to San Vicente Port. In the port, you will have to rent a boat that will take you to Anguib Beach. Negotiate well since the prices vary depending on your destination.

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