Subic Beach: Pinkish Sand

Subic Beach is an extraordinary beach located in the Island of Calintaan, in the town of Matnog, Sorsogon. Subic Beach is divided into two, Subic Liit and Subic Laki which can be translated as Little Subic and Big Subic.

Subic Liit is smaller from the word itself. There are small counts of people in the area. It’s quite, relaxing and clean. Whereas in Subic Laki, it has electricity, many people living near the beach, and more nipa huts.

Subic Beach is famous tourist spots for its clean and clear waters and pinkish white sand. People asked why is the sand pinkish? You may questioned that too but the scientific reason is that when the corals clashes through the waves, tiny bits of it go offshore and mixes with the sand that made the color pinkish.

Subic Beach is very famous for tourist. Well in fact many tourists go there despite the fact that there are no hotels or luxurious place to stop by. But there are nipa huts in the area where you can rent take a rest. You can also try camping in the island if you try to stay overnight that’s more exciting.

Famous activities in Subic Beach is of course swimming, snorkeling and diving. There are no equipment available in the area so you may want to bring your own goggles, snorkels, and other swimming gears.

Subic Beach Images:

Subic Beach

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Subic Beach: Island Hopping in Matnog, Sorsogon, Philippines

melvin baroga – flickr (embedded image)

How to get to Subic Beach:

To Matnog

So the question is how do I get to Subic Beach? Okay. From Legazpi City, there are buses going to Matnog. It will cost you around $4.oo to get there or Php 150.oo. The bus will drop you to Matnog Public Market.

To Calintaan Island

There are boats that could take you to directly to the island but please be guided to choose the most trusted boatmen in the area. Ask in the Tourism Office for guidance.


Be reminded to bring your own food, snacks, water and personal things in Subic Beach. You can buy things you need in Matnog town proper.

It is important also to bring tents, flashlights or fire igniters if you want to stay at night in Subic Beach. Even if you are in Subic Liit or Subic Laki, those lights are really important during the night.

Please be reminded also to prepare for the fees.


Tourism Office will ask for a registration fee to Subic Beach around $8.oo or Php300.oo for tourists and $1.20 or Php50.oo for locals.

DO NOT take a boat where there are no life vest and a roof! The boat tours will cost around $39.oo or Php1600.oo to $48.oo or Php2000.oo.

Those are the important fees. Okay you are good now. Are you still asking if there are more attractions in the place? There is a fish sanctuary near the area. Juang Sanctuary is a private property where you can see many fish.

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