Calaguas Beach: Long Stretch Beach

Calaguas is a group of islands and islets around 25 of them. There are 2 dominating islands in Calaguas, the Tinaga and Guintinua. The Calaguas group of islands is located in Camarines Norte, Philippines. There are actually 3 barangays in Calaguas group of islands namely Mangcawayan, Pinagtigasan, at Banocboc.

The most famous Calaguas beach is the Mahabang Buhagin Beach or can be translated in English language as Long Stretch Beach. It is located in Tinaga Island specifically a part of Barangay Mangcawayan.

The Calaguas Beach (Long Stretch Beach) is very famous tourist spot for clear waters and powdery white sand.

Some travelers described Calaguas Beach as a Boracay Beach 10 years before where the island is still simple, no hotels and buildings. The Calaguas Beach (Mahabang Buhangin Beach) is simple, relaxing and you can actually feel living simplicity full of beauty.

Calaguas Beach Images:

Calaguas Beach

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Calaguas Beach

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How to get to Calaguas Beach:

I know you are adventurous and maybe you want to “Do It Yourself” and not to submit yourselves to travel and tours agencies. I know you want it to be cheaper and thrilling so here is how you can get to Calaguas Beach.

From Paracle:

From Manila you can ride a bus going to Paracle, Camarines Norte. The fare is around $11.oo or Php500.oo. Paracle is the shortest path going to Mangcawayan.

You will go off board to Barangay Talobatib. You will ride another bus going to Paracle.

You will spend around 10 hours in the trip alone. From Manila to Paracle is around 8 hours to 9 hours. From Barangay Talobatib to Paracle you will spend again around an hour.


From bus fees it will actually cost you around Php550.oo. The boat ride will again cost you Php3, 000.oo to Php6, 000.oo. The Entrance fee to the beach is around Php50.oo to Php150.oo. You will spend approximately Php6, 700.oo in going to Calaguas Beach.

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