Leling Beach: Your Best Destination in Hagonoy

At some point in time, most of us want to be with our families or friends and go somewhere and have fun. If you are still looking for a place to hangout, you might want to consider going to Leling Beach especially when you are just near Digos City.

Leling Beach 3

Boy Sutoy | Facebook

Leling Beach is located in the Municipality of Hagnoy that belongs to the Province of Davao del Sur, Philippines. Just near Digos City.

Leling Beach is one favorite hangout for lovers and barkadas in Hagonoy and nearby municipalities and cities like Digos City. You want to know why? It is because it’s slightly hidden and very peaceful destination.

For lovers, this is a perfect place to hide. LOL.

For barkadas, this is a very ideal destination to. You know. Do your things and all. You already know that I don’t have to be specific. HAHA.

This is also a perfect place for family bonding.

Leling Beach 2

Mernell Dawn | Facebook

Leling Beach 1

Dawn Mernell Palma “Engr. Nakpil ng Digos” | Facebook

The place is windy and there are coconut trees, and really lots of them. There are open and close cottages. Although they are all open cottages, it’s just that some got roofs while others don’t.

There is also a function hall perfect for weddings and group activities.

The beach, just don’t expect something like Boracay. Expectations hurt. But the beach is clean and mix of soft and course sand.

There is one spot in the beach where I really love so much. Something like a sandbar but not too narrow maybe something like 50 meters sand from the shoreline. It’s really beautiful. The sand is perfectly fine and soft.

That spot is a very beautiful place to have some pictures and selfies.

Renen Gloria | Facebook

Renen Gloria “Xander ng Digos” | Facebook

This is the sandbar I am talking about. Sorry I can’t find much clearer image for this one. But its really beautiful.

That’s us. That’s my church family.

On the first week of April, our church pastor is about to leave us. Huhu. So we decided to have some farewell party with the boys. (We are called Leling boys after this outing.)

We went to Leling Beach. Someone let us borrow his car (Cream ‘N Dip owner) and all of them bring their food excluding me. I did not bring any. (insert hayahay image here)


We really had a great time. We got some awesome moments and very fun activities. I love those activities like guessing games (action guessing game and drawing guessing game) and more. I belong to the really imba/good team and our competitors are “ahem.. ahem.. ahem..”, they got nice shirts and slippers.

We also played Frisbee while some went swimming into the beach. After we played Frisbee, we went walking in the sand. After a while, I looked at the horizon and I got a plain sight of the sandbar. That’s when we all went there and got some pictures.

Just a friendly advice, don’t do jump shots if you got thin and tight shorts. I got a friend. He said let’s do jump shots. So we did. The first try, although the photographer (Imba Dota player too!) failed to capture, nothing went wrong. But the second try, because his shorts are thin and slightly tight, we heard something like a cloth tearing. Seconds later, we start laughing. LOL. HAHA.

These are the images of Leling Beach I got from facebook. Want your image be featured? Private message your image in our facebook page. Let’s make this one viral on facebook. I am encouraging you all to message us you best shot in Leling Beach and be featured here and share this with your friends.

Welcome to Leling Beach

Posted by Crisel Dumaboc on Friday, April 18, 2014

Feelin’ the sea breeze

Posted by Rejane Torres Mariano on Saturday, January 10, 2015


We really got awesome time here in Leling Beach. I hope you too. Do you have some experience to share? Let us know in comment.

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