Bulubadiangan Island: Amazing Sandbar

Bulubadiangan Island or Bolobadiangan Island is a silent tourist spot hiding its beauty in the municipality of Conception in Iloilo, Philippines. The Bulubadiangan beach is so beautiful and what made it stand out more is its sandbar feature.

The Bulubadiangan Island Sandbar became more amazing since it switches from left to the right depending on the direction of the wind. That characteristic of the sandbar became more tempting to tourists to pay a visit. Of course, the white sand beach and the clear waters are also another reason why tourist should visit Bulubadiangan Island. Mount Panaphag is also visible in the island.

Bulubadiangan Island is a good tourist spot that offers beautiful scenes. Snorkeling is a good way to enjoy the richness of marine life in the island. The island is not that big so mind walking in the white sand and explore the beauty of the island. You can in fact walk around the island it won’t take you that long time to reach where you have started.

There is one resort in Bulubadiangan Island named Sandbar Island Resort. You can rent a room or a more exciting way to do it is setting up a tent. Electricity is not available all the time since they only used solar power to supply energy to the island.

There are no fancy rooms or hotels in Bulubadiangan Island. As I have written there is only one resort and the rooms are not the luxurious so you can lessen your expectations when it comes to accommodation. But, if you don’t want to stay during the night, perhaps you can get a nice hotel in the city proper. Bulubadiangan Island is privately owned.

Bulubadiangan Island

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Most people suggest these activities in Bulubadiangan Island and you can try these too:

  • Snorkeling in the beach and find beautiful coral.
  • Walking in the sandbar or staying in the sandbar sitting on the sand.
  • Walking around the island.
  • Watching the Mount Panaphag at late afternoon, you can take a very nice picture during that time when the sun goes down.
  • Bonfire! A great time to enjoy with your family or friends.

How to get to Bulubadiangan Island:

If you are in the other country or you are in the Philippines but away from Iloilo, catch up a flight or ferry bound to Iloilo City.

From Iloilo:

From Iloilo City proper, catch up a bus going to Conception. You can go to Tagbak Terminal, Jaro, Iloilo City to ride a bus going to Conception. The ride can take up to 3 hours. Many people suggest that you take the HPQ bus so you may want to consider them. From Conception, go to the port. You can rent a boat going to the island.

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