Dreamlike Manjuyod White Sandbar: Completely Disappears on High Tide

A long and wide stretch of white sandbar that completely disappears on high tide is one of the best tourist destination in Negros Oriental, the Manjuyod White Sandbar.

This extraordinary white sandbar can be accessed via 15-minute boat ride from the Capiñahan Wharf in the South Bais Bay, Bais City, Negros Oriental.

One can only witness the sandbar during low tide. It is by then the beautiful white sand and many starfish show up since in the high tide, it will completely submerge. But it is on the high tide one can appreciate the beauty of the unspoiled beach and the crystal blue ocean water.

On the island, there are cottages around five (5) of them. All were built on woods that seems like floating cottages on the high tide.

Manjuyod White Sandbar, appears on low tide and completely disappears on high tide and cottage that seems floating, amazing right?

The beautiful pristine white sand beach in Manjuyod Sandbar can be compared to that of “Maldives” in the Indian Ocean.  Manjuyod Sandbar is dubbed as the “Maldives of the Philippines.”

The best time to visit Manjuyod Sandbar is in the morning where the shoreline is visible. It is a perfect place for outing with friends or families. A nice destination for beach lovers and swimmers since the waters here are crystal clear and deep.

If you are the type of person who cannot swim, just read some books or just relax on your cottage and enjoy the beautiful view of the beach and the surrounding mountains.

Contact first the Bais City Tourism Office if you are planning to visit here. If you want to explore more, you can go dolphin, whale or bird watching. Just contact them to organize your tour package.

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Source: The Philippines, Dumaguete Info

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