VIDEO: The beauty of Masbate, Philippines

Have you seen cowboys before? and a rodeo show?

Masbate is a popular destination in the Philippines most especially in the month of April. For this month marks the celebration of the annual Rodeo Masbateño Festival.

For this very reason, Masbate is being dubbed as the “Rodeo Capital of the Philippines.”

Do you know what’s a rodeo? It is a sport that arose out of the working practices of cattle herding.

You know cowboys for at least in the movies?


Then that’s it. Rodeo Masbateño is the only Rodeo show in the Philippines.

Masbate Philippines Rodeo Event


It is not only because of this many people visit Masbate but also because of its amazing natural tourist destinations. Masbate have many pristine blue waters and white sand beaches.

Masbate Philippines


Buntod Marine Sanctuary is one of the most popular destination in Masbate and many more. Watch the video below and be amazed by the beauty of Masbate.

Watch: The beauty of Masbate, Philippines

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