VIDEO: Stunning Milky Way at Guyam Island, Siargao

Planning where to spend your Friday night?

What about gazing at the starry sky in Guyam Island?

Guyam Island is one of the most visited island in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao. It is a small island that you can actually walk around it in just 10 – 15 minutes.

It is surrounded by powdery white sand beach and few coconut trees. A perfect place to relax and breathe some fresh air.

It happens that a photographer, designer and a travel blogger Martien Janssen from Utrecht, Netherlands visited the island.

Using his awesome skills, he managed to create this awesome video of the starry sky from the Guyam Island that shows the Milky Way!

Milky Way at Guyam Island Siargao Philippines

Screenshot from Facebook

He posted this video on his Facebook Page with this caption below:

Time lapse scene of the milky way behind Guyam island, Siargao, Philippines.

Guyam is a small deserted island of the coast of Siargao near General Luna. The island is visited daily by visitors on a boattrip or who come to just chill out for a while. It’s a perfect little island with no facilities exept a toilet and 2 shelters. For a small fee the owner will allow people to stay on the island overnight. I’ve been in Siargao for over 2 months, the vibe of the island and the beauty of the surrounding islands make Siargao and incredible and addicting island. For a while have I been planning the right time to visit this island during the time when the milky way would be visible ánd when there would be no light pollution of the moon, also trying to lucky with clear weather.

The milky is not visible like this with your own eyes, it is because of long exposure shots (20 seconds) that details of the milky way become visible and with postprocessing details and contrast are further enhanced. The settings used are ISO 1600, f2.8, shutterspeed of 20seconds. I used a D800 and 14-24mm lens, but any DSLR can capture this and even a good compact camera with RAW abilities.

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If you haven’t seen the Milky Way before, prepare to be amazed.

VIDEO: Stunning Milky Way at Guyam Island, Siargao

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