WATCH: Aerial View of Batanes

We  just love to watch amazing videos about the tourist destinations here in the Philippines. Gladly, we found another one and now, its Batanes!

Located at the topmost part of the Philippines, Batanes is an amazing place in the Philippines. It is a small province in Philippines with just around 16, 000 people living in it. Most Filipinos living here are farmers and fishermen and called by the name Ivatans.

Watch Areal View of Batanes Philippines 2016

Many people may doubt living in this province since most of the time its raining and many typhoons are passing by year round. But to those, especially the Ivatans, this is a refuge. A home filled with beauty and natural resources.

There are many beautiful places in Batanes. This video by Dex Maligang of Dex Creative Photography uploaded in vimeo will show you a glimpse of Batanes mountains and beaches. It was captured by a drone up in the air showing how awesome Batanes is.

Watch: Aerial view of Batanes

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