10 Best Tourist Spots in Southern Leyte

Southern Leyte is the second least populated province in Eastern Visayas Region but consists of beautiful tourist spots. It is bestowed with beautiful islands, white sand beaches and marine sanctuaries. There are just around 400,000+ people living in the province and people speak in Cebuano, Tagalog and English languages.

Maasin City is the capital city of the province where one can find different types of accommodation. Planning to go to the province soon? Check out these tourist spots in Southern Leyte you might want to pay a visit this year.

10 Best Tourist Spots in Southern Leyte

1. Napantao Marine Sanctuary

Napantao Marine Sanctuary Southern Leyte

Napantao Marine Sanctuary by élanarchist on Flickr

Napantao Marine Sanctuary is one of the best tourist spots in Southern Leyte if you love diving and interested in marine lifeforms. It features a natural large wall underwater that drops around 50 meters coated with beautiful and colorful diverse corals where schools of fish can be found. Turtles and white tip reef sharks can also be sighted. The best time to go diving at Napantao Marine Sanctuary is on dry season (March to May) since visibility underwater is good during sunny days.

 Napantao Marine Sanctuary is located in Ilijan Point, San Francisco, Southern Leyte.

2. Tangkaan Beach

Tangkaan Beach

Tangkaan Beach by Daniel Huseman on Flickr

Tangkaan Beach is another beautiful tourist destination in Southern Leyte, perfect getaway for families and friends. The sand is white but it is not so fine since fragments of corals are mixed with the sand but the beautiful beach, relaxing environment, interesting rock formations, great view of the nearby islands and crystal clear waters are what makes it a favorite destination among the locals. Swimming and snorkeling are the best things to do here. On rare occasions, one can find dolphins, turtles and pelagic fishes when snorkeling. The best part is, going to the beach is very cheap with only Php. 5.00 for the entrance and cheap picnic tables. Make sure to bring your own food and utensils, no stores near the beach.

 Tangkaan Beach is located in Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte.

3. Limasawa Island

Limasawa Island Southern Leyte

Limasawa Island by mjdigitalphotography on Flickr

Limasawa Island is one of the famous tourist spots in Southern Leyte where the first Catholic Mass in the Philippines took place on Easter Sunday of March 31, 1521. Limasawa is the smallest municipality in the province of Southern Leyte, both population and land area. The island is just approximately 10 kilometers long from north to south and there are only 6,000+ people living here but it is a lively and friendly community. Places to visit here includes the National Shrine of the First Catholic Mass in the Philippines, First Cross Monument, beaches, fish sanctuaries, dive sites and caves.

4. Panaon Island

Panaon Island

Panaon Island by Sheryl Felias

Panaon Island is a small island connected to the mainland of Southern Leyte via Wa-wa Bridge. The island is famous as one of the best diving and snorkeling destination in the province which is a part of Mindanao Deep or Philippine Trench where one can find beautiful variety of corals and marine lifeforms. The island is commonly visited by dolphins and also known for its whale sharks that spends several months off the coasts of Panaon Island upon their migration route every year. Whale sharks can commonly be sighted every single day, boat guides can even position the boat near the sites where whale sharks can be found so interested one’s can swim with them. There is also a fish sanctuary nearby where manta rays, pods of dolphins, seahorses and turtles can be found.

5. San Pedro and San Pablo Islands

San Pedro Island

San Pedro Island by Jerry Ruiz

San Pablo Island

San Pablo Island by Mikko

Named after the patron saints Southern Leyte, San Pedro and San Pablo Islands are the two most beautiful island in the province. The islands became famous tourist spots in Southern Leyte for its beautiful pebble/coral beaches, clean and clear waters and relaxing environment. San Pedro Island, also called as Pong Dako of which in local dialect means “big“, is bigger than San Pablo Island, also called as Pong Gamay which means small. The white coral beaches here are ideal for swimming, surfing, skiing, diving and water sport activities.

 San Pedro and San Pablo Islands are both located in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte.

6. Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary

Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary Southern Leyte

Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary by Philip McGuire

Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary is one of the well-maintained and interesting fish haven in Southern Leyte. One of the best diving destinations in the province where variety of coral formations can be found from soft to hard corals along the cracks and crevices where schools of different kinds of fish can be found. Whale sharks can also be sighted especially during the months of November until May. Fishing and collection of shells are strictly prohibited. Since the fish sanctuary is just near a rocky hill, visitors tend to do rock climbing before leaving the place.

 Sun-ok Fish Sanctuary is located in Pintuyan, Southern Leyte.

7. Kuting Reef Resort

Kuting Reef Southern Leyte

Kuting Reef Southern Leyte

Kuting Reef Resort is one of the most favorite weekend getaway for families and friends in Southern Leyte. It is a 3-hectare property covered with bermuda grass and coconut trees where one can find around 30 rooms (deluxe cabana, premier cabana, casita and casa), a secret cove with pebble beach, an infinity pool facing the sea and other amenities. The best things to do here are swimming in the beach or pool and kayaking. Most visitors commend the friendly and helpful staffs. This is not just a destination for fun and bonding but also a great venue for weddings, birthdays and special occasions. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

 Kuting Reef is located in Macrohon, Southern Leyte.

8. Padre Burgos Castle Resort

Padre Burgos Castle Resort Southern Leyte

Padre Burgos Castle Resort by Shawn Chrvala on Flickr

Padre Burgos Castle Resort is one of the most exciting and excellent resort in Southern Leyte situated above a private beach. It is a stunning resort with luxurious accommodations, outstanding food and awesome amenities. Assured relaxation and comfort with their beautiful guest rooms, indoor and outdoor restaurants, swimming pool and private beach. It is also an accredited PADI Dive Resort which means they are ready to show you great scuba diving and snorkeling experiences. Dolphin watching, island hopping, sailing and kayaking are the best things to do here. On the months of November through May, they can offer whale shark watching tour. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

 Padre Burgos Castle Resort is located in Tangkaan, Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte.

9. Cambaro Caves

Southern Leyte is probably known having beautiful islands, fish sanctuaries and beaches but there is an ideal destination in the province for spelunking activities. Barangay Cambaro is said to be the Cave Capital of Southen Leyte for there are around 100 caves waiting to be explored called the Cambaro Caves. In these caves, one can find jaw-dropping rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites, cave corals and cold cave pools. A local guide will be assigned upon your visit and make sure to wear proper footwear so you can pass some challenging terrains.

 Cambaro Caves are located in Barangay Cambaro, Macrohon, Southern Leyte.

10. Zip Southern Leyte

Zip Southern Leyte

Zip Southern Leyte by Mashhour Halawani on Flickr

Zip Southern Leyte is one of the ideal tourist spots in province for trill and adventure seekers. It is a very steep dual zipline where one have an opportunity to “fly” above the tallest bridge in the Philippines, Agas-Agas Bridge. The average ride duration is around 30 seconds with an average speed of 100 KPH depending on your weight. After the ride, a motorcycle will bring you back to the station. Zip Southern Leyte is one of the major attraction in Agas-Agas Adventure Park, other things to do are downhill skateboarding, rappelling, bungee jumping and more.

 Zip Southern Leyte is located in Barangay Kahupian, Sogod, Southern Leyte.

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