10 Best Tourist Spots in Leyte (Northern Leyte)

Leyte (Northern Leyte) is one of the top tourist destination in the Philippines for its captivating tourist spots. It is a province in the Philippines located in Eastern Visayas Region situated in Leyte Island. Geographically advantaged, it’s no wonder why it has astonishing islands and beaches. Leyte also plays an important role in the Philippine History especially on World War II.

Tacloban is the capital city of the province where one can find budget to luxury types of accommodations. If you are interested to explore the beauty of this island province in the near future, check out these beautiful tourist spots in Leyte (Northern Leyte).

10 Best Tourist Spots in Leyte (Northern Leyte)

1. Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island Palompon Leyte

Kalanggaman Island one of the famous tourist spots in Leyte and it is being tagged as the most beautiful island in the province and in the entire Philippines. The long stretch of powdery white sandbars on both ends of the island is one of its amazing feature. Its calm and clear waters makes it very inviting to go swimming and snorkeling. There are no private resorts in the island or any accommodations but camping is allowed. This is a paradise island and a dream weekend getaway in Leyte. Most people visit here just to enjoy the beautiful beach, stunning sandbar and amazing views.

 Kalanggaman Island is located in Polompon, Leyte.

2. Canigao Island

Canigao Island

Canigao Island by Irene Fabia

Canigao Island is one of the most visited tourist spots in Leyte. It is a small uninhabited island surrounded with white sand beach and turquoise waters while its center is full of trees. One can walk around the island for just approximately 20 minutes. The best part is, it is very cheap to get here, one just have to pay around ‎₱40 for the entrance fee and ‎₱60 for the boat fare. One can either rent a cottage or pitch a tent if planning to stay overnight. This is also a perfect island destination in Leyte for swimming and snorkeling since it is abundant in coral reefs and marine life.

 Canigao Island is 20 minutes away from the port of Matalom, Leyte.

3. Digyo Island

Digyo Island Leyte

Digyo Island by Rocky Fabilane

Digyo Island is one of the most visited tourist spots in Leyte and a part of the group of four small islands called “Cuatro Islas” in Leyte. The other islands are called Mahaba, Apid and Himokilan Islands. Digyo Island is the smallest island in Cuatro Islas but it is dubbed as the most beautiful one. It has a long sandbar which is the main attraction of the island and crystal clear waters perfect for swimming. There are cottages available in the island but one can also pitch his own tent, seafood are also available. This is the first stop for all who wants to go on a day trip but most visitors tend to stay here for the night and explore the remaining islands the other day.

 Digyo Island is located in Cuatro Islas, Inopacan, Leyte.

4. Mahaba Island

Mahaba Island

Mahaba Island by J.P. Leo Castillo on Flickr

Mahaba Island, as the name implies, it is elongated in shape and one of the beautiful islands in Cuatro Islas. It is an island covered with lush vegetation and beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Most of the time, there is a noticeable sandbar parallel to the beach on the eastern side of the island. It also has beautiful rock formations and trees to have a shade when the sun gets too hot. Ask your boatmen to stop for a while on the spot where corals and marine life abounds if you want to go snorkeling.

 Mahaba Island is located in Cuatro Islas, Inopacan, Leyte.

5. Apid Island

Apid Island Leyte

Apid Island by Dianne Alfaro

Apid Island is also one famous tourist spots in Leyte and one of the beautiful islands that comprises the Cuatro Islas, the second largest among the group. It has a small village and most of the people make a living through catching fishes and harvesting seafood. It also has a considerable stretch of white sand beach and clear seawater good for swimming. Apid Island offers a beautiful view of the Camotes Sea with some growing mangroves along the shore.

 Apid Island is located in Cuatro Islas, Inopacan, Leyte.

6. Himokilan Island

Himokilan Island

Himokilan Island by J.P. Leo Castillo on Flickr

Himokilan Island is the largest island of the group. It also has white sand beaches and inviting clear waters. The island is covered with trees and rock formations and a small village can be found near the beach. Thick concentration of corals can be observed on your way to the island. Swimming, snorkeling, diving even fishing are not allowed on some part of the island since it is considered as a marine sanctuary. Most visitors who are running out of time on their day-trip tend to just circle around the island and witness its natural beauty rather than docking on the beach.

 Himokilan Island is located in Cuatro Islas, Hindang, Leyte.

If you are planning to visit Cuatro Islas (Digyo, Mahaba, Apid and Himokilan Islands), contact the tourism office of Inopacan, Leyte to book your tour.

7. Lake Danao

Lake Danao Leyte

Lake Danao by Christine Caminade

Lake Danao is one of the recommended lake destinations in the Philippines located in Leyte. It is a guitar-shaped lake covering an area of 148 hectares with a high altitude of 2,130 feet above sea level and that means the temperature is almost the same in Tagaytay. It is a quiet and a soothing place to relax. The best thing to do here is to have lunch with family or loved ones in a floating raft in the lake. Swimming, kayaking and canoeing are also fun things to do. There is also a viewing deck from atop to witness the beauty of the entire lake surrounded with mountain ranges.

 Lake Danao is 18 kilometers away from Ormoc City, Leyte.

8. San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge Leyte

San Juanico Bridge is one of the most visited tourist spots in Leyte and the longest bridge in the Philippines spanning a body of sea water. It is a $21.9 Million bridge constructed within 4 years as a gift of Ferdinand Marcos (10th President of the Philippines) to his wife Imelda Marcos. The bridge connects Samar and Leyte Provinces with a length of 2.16 kilometers. One can witness the beautiful view of the sunrise and sunset, amazing panoramic view of the sea and islands, small whirlpools and passing boats. In the early morning or afternoon, this is a favorite destination for joggers, photography enthusiast and nature lovers (romantic couples).

 San Juanico Bridge can be accessed in Tacloban City, Leyte.

Watch the aerial video of San Juanico Bridge

9. Sto. Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum

Sto. Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum Leyte

Sto. Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum by kingratt82 on Flickr

One of the most visited tourist spots in Leyte is the Sto. Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum, one of 29 presidential rest houses Marcos Family had built and almost all dedicated to his wife Imelda Marcos. A chapel dedicated to Sto. Niño is the one that dominates the ground floor. It has 13 guest rooms with different motifs and magnificent designs and decorations. A ballroom, conference room and bed chambers for the first family can be found on the second floor. The inside of the museum is full of expensive or priceless paintings, antique ceramics, pottery, dioramas, religious relics and sculptures. This is a recommended destination in Leyte, don’t miss to witness a part of its history.

Sto. Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum is located in Tacloban City, Leyte.

10. MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park

MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park

MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park by www.tourisminthephilippines.com

MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park commemorates the fulfillment of General MacArthur’s promise, “I shall return” at the Red Beach in Leyte. The center of attention in the park is the 7 double-life-sized bronze statues of MacArthur and his entourage including Former President Sergio Osmenia (3rd President of the Philippines) designed by the sculptor Anastacio Caedo based on the iconic photo of Gaetano Faillace. This is the historic landing site of General MacArthur which marks the start of the campaign to liberate the Philippines from Japanese occupation which led to the largest naval battle of World War II that took 3 years before Japan’s defeat.

MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park is located in Palo, Leyte.

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