10 Best Tourist Spots in Baguio City

Baguio is an amazing destination in the Philippines. It is because this is one of the places in the Philippines where the weather is cold despite the fact that Philippines is a tropical country, which simply means the country has a warm or hot climate.

There are many tourists spots in Baguio you can visit this year from the road, to the mountain peaks you will surely have plenty of places to enjoy.

During holidays or summer, tourism in Baguio is at its peak since tourist around the world love to have a vacation and relaxing time in Baguio to spend with their families and loved ones because of the cool weather. Many Educational Field Trips are also pinned to Baguio.

Just a quick overview about Baguio, it is also named as the Summer Capital of the Philippines the reason is what I have stated above. It is located in the Province of Benguet and a highly urbanized city.

The TV Series of ABS-CBN entitled “Forevermore” shoots its scenes near Baguio. This is a big boost in the tourism in Baguio and it’s been announced that over 1 Million tourists visited Baguio as of December 2014.

Are you planing to visit Baguio? These are the best tourist spots in the city you may want to go!

10 Best Tourist Spots in Baguio

1. Burnham Park

Tourist Spots in Baguio - Burnham Park Baguio

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Burnham Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in Baguio and it is where you want to bring your family for a day bonding trip. There are many things you will enjoy in Burnham Park like the Burnham Lake, Children Playground, Skating Rink, Rose Garden, Orchidarium, Igorot Garden, Athletic Bowl, Melvin Jones Grandstand, Picnic Grove, Japanese Peace Tower, Pine Trees of the World and Sunshine Park.

The park is located in the center of Baguio City encompassing 32.84 hectares which is actually named from Daniel Hudson Burnham, an American Architect and City Planner.

2. Session Road

Session Road is the main road of Baguio City where you can find various establishments like malls, banks, schools, hotels and more. This is the favorite spot for teenagers loitering around trying to be awesome and have a good time.

3. Baguio Cathedral

Baguio Cathedral

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Baguio Cathedral is another landmark of Baguio City. This is the most photogenic and the biggest cathedral in the city. Baguio Cathedral is one of the known tourist spots in Baguio City.

4. The Mansion

The Mansion Baguio City

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The Mansion in Baguio is a prestigious attraction in the city where the Philippine President stays whenever there are presidential visits, meetings or any events in Baguio. This is place is beautiful for sightseeing and picture taking specially in the garden.

5. Camp John Hay

Tourist Spots in Baguio - Camp Jon Hay Baguio

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Camp John Hay is used to be a rest and recreational facility for American Soldiers. It was developed by private investors and now became the most visited tourist spot in Baguio. Are you playing golf? Camp John Hay has a huge golf course and one of the best in the Philippines. Function halls, parks, restaurants, hiking trails through pines and more attractions in Camp John Hay even Honeymoon Cottages.

6. Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Farm Baguio City

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Strawberry Farm is one of the best tourist spots in (near) Baguio where you can enjoy with your families picking up fresh cute tasty strawberries.

7. Mines View Park

Mines View Park Baguio City

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Mines View Park will show you breath taking views of the mountains and Benguet’s gold and coper mines. It is also very popular for it’s handcrafts like jackets, sweaters, jewelries and more. Don’t miss this one the amazing tourist spots in Baguio upon your visit!

8. Kennon Road

Kennon Road

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Kennon Road connects Baguio City to the other towns: Rosario and La Union. Despite the tricky road, tourists love to take this road to Baguio because of the views in every turn of the car. The road is like a giant snake from afar. Bridal Veil Falls, Bued River gorge, Twin Peaks, Colorado Falls, Lion’s Head and more tourist attractions can be passed along Kennon Road.

9. Lion’s Head

The Lion’s Head is the landmark of Baguio City. This spot can be located along Kennon Road and many tourists stop here to take some photographs.

10. Wood Carver’s Village

Tourist Spots in Baguio - Wood Carving Baguio City

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Wood Carver’s Village is one of the artistic tourist spots in Baguio. You will get to witness how amazing craftsmen of the Philippines do their thing and put some arts to the woods by carving. You can also buy their works in this village.


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