10 Best Tourist Spots in Aklan

Aklan is a province of the Philippines found in the northwest of Panay Island with world-renowned tourist spots. The province is a Tourism Hub of the country which one of its islands is included in “The World’s Best Islands” by international travel magazines. All year round, foreign and local tourists gather in this province to visit its blissful island, dive sites, kilometers long beaches, eco-parks, waterfalls, caves and museums among the rest.

The province of Aklan belongs to the Western Visayas Region. It is being bordered by Antique (southwest), Capiz (east), Sibuyan Sea and Romblon (north). More than 574,000 total residents of the province speaks in Aklanon, Hiligaynon, Cebuano, Tagalog and English Languages. Kalibo is its capital.

Beach lovers, nature lovers, adventure seekers and spelunkers will surely fall in love with the beautiful places to visit in Aklan. If you are still planning where to spend your vacation or weekend, check out the best tourist spots in Aklan you may want to spend your time.

1. Boracay

1. Boracay Aklan

Photo courtesy of Lianne Cuneta

Boracay is not just one of the best tourist spots in Aklan but also consecutively being on the list of “World’s Best Islands” by international travel magazines and agencies. It is a small island at the northwest tip of Panay Island continually being visited by millions of tourists all year round. The most famous beach in the island is the White Beach which stretches 4 kilometers lined up with budget to high-end resorts and hotels, restaurants and dive shops among the rest. Dubbed as the “Island of Bliss“, visitors can have fun with wide array of things to do during the day such as parasailing, wind surfing, scuba diving, kiteboarding and fly fish riding. Then during the night, tourists can enjoy the fire dance and party all night. There are total of 13 recognized beaches around Boracay Island.

Boracay is located in Malay, Aklan.

2. Ariel’s Point

2. Ariel’s Point

Photo courtesy of Bjorn Chong

Ariel’s Point, also called as Batason Point, is an awesome destination in Aklan that should never be missed especially when you are travelling to/from Boracay. It’s a magnificent beach resort perched on a limestone cliff surrounded by lush greens. The most exciting and signature thing to do in this site is the cliff diving. Daring visitors can dive from the different levels of diving planks or platforms on a limestone cliff down the deep seawater below. For the gentle hearts, enjoy kayaking, stand-up paddling and snorkeling on its surrounding waters teeming with marine life.

Ariel’s Point is situated in Buruanga, Aklan.

3. Hinugtan Beach

3. Hinugtan Beach Aklan

Photo courtesy of Edsel Gatinao

Hinugtan Beach is one of the best tourist spots in Aklan which is an unspoiled and exclusive beach. It is a powdery white sand beach with turquoise sea water fringed by coconut trees and bermuda grass. Both ends of the considerably long stretch of the white sand beach are enclosed with craggy cliffs and highlands. It is a lovely place to spend your time with families and/or friends while enjoying the serenity and privacy. Visitors may snorkel on its waters teeming with marine life, hike the nearby highlands, play Frisbee on the white sand or simply rest on a hammock.

Hinugtan Beach is located in Buruanga, Aklan.

4. Hacienda Maria

4. Hacienda Maria

Photo courtesy of thala_ems

Hacienda Maria is a 14-hectare of unspoiled beauty of nature that serves as an ecotourism destination of the province of Aklan frequented by many local and foreign tourists. The main attractions of the site includes a waterfall, caves and Hot Pot Jacuzzi. Visitors can enjoy swimming and cliff jumping on the 10 feet deep plunge pool of the waterfall. Then go spelunking on the 2 caves which are filled with glistening stalactite and stalagmite formations worth exploring. Afterwards, a relaxing thing to do would be to soak on the Hot Pot Jacuzzi (“kawa“) filled with lukewarm waters and herbal leaves while fire woods are lit underneath.

Hacienda Maria is situated in Barangay Tigum, Buruanga, Aklan.

5. Bakhawan Eco Park

5. Bakhawan Eco Park Aklan

Photo courtesy of Hunter Janapon Torquido

Bakhawan Eco Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in Aklan and is a recommended destination for tourists who wants to leisurely immerse themselves with nature. This Eco Park is a 220-hectare mangrove forest recognized as the most successful mangrove reforestation project in the Philippines. It serves as a protection of the nearby community from the natural calamities such as floods and storm surges. To explore the area, there is a 1.3 kilometer wood-and-bamboo boardwalk built around the mangrove forest where visitors can follow from the entrance leading to the healthy mangroves, flying birds, bamboo bridge and a beautiful river. The end of the wooden trail is a rewarding view of a shallow lagoon, a sandbar and wide Sibuyan Sea.

Bakhawan Eco Park is located in Kalibo, Aklan.

6. Pagatpat Mangrove Park

6. Pagatpat Mangrove Park

Photo courtesy of Ree Dexter

Pagatpat Mangrove Park is a famed destination in Aklan for its serene and tranquil environment. It is a fish sanctuary and a mangrove forest facing the Sibuyan Sea. Similar to Bakawan Eco Park, the Pagatpat Mangrove Park also has connecting bamboo trail where tourist can walk along and explore the area. Visitors can unwind at one of the several kiosks and enjoy the serene ambiance of the park. There is a function room in the park that would be ideal for meetings, retreats and special gatherings. Sunset is best viewed here.

Pagatpat Mangrove Park is situated in Barangay Panilongan, Buruanga, Aklan.

7. Jawili Falls

7. Jawili Falls Aklan

Photo courtesy of Ram A. Martelino

Jawili Falls is one of the unique and most visited tourist spots in Aklan province. It is a 7-basin waterfalls that the freshwater cascades from one basin to another on a giant limestone staircase. Each falls has a plunge pool with considerable depth and width for swimming and cliff jumping. At the topmost part of the falls is a beautiful view of each basin, lovely trees on both sides and beautiful sky above. Concrete steps were built for the comfort of the visitors and cottages were constructed for picnics. Few meters away from the falls is the Jawili Beach which would be an ideal side trip destination.

Jawili Falls is located in Barangay Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan.

8. Tigayon Hill and Caves

8. Tigayon Hill and Caves

Photo courtesy of Naj

Tigayon Hill and Caves, also known as Bukid Tigayon, is believed to be once an enchanted place where fairies and supernatural beings dwell but due to the increase of people visiting the place, they have left. There are 2 caves on Tigayon Hill where the past diggings of the National Museum researchers yield to the discovery of a human bones and Chinese artifacts which was later on displayed on the museum located at the base of the hill. Following a concrete pathway and staircases, visitors would pass though a gigantic Balete Tree and at the topmost part are the Grotto of Virgin Mary, a chapel and a splendid view of Aklan River.

Tigayon Hill and Caves is situated in Barangay Tigayon, Kalibo, Aklan.

9. Nabas Wind Farm

9. Nabas Wind Farm Aklan

Photo courtesy of Dyan Salazar Patricio

Nabas Wind Farm is one of the remarkable tourist spots in Aklan. Lined up along a mountain ridge of the province are the strategically positioned 18 gigantic wind turbines that supplies clean and renewable energy to the Western Visayas grid. This site has been a frequented sightseeing destination that offers amazing scenery of the green mountains of Aklan and the vast ocean. The beautiful views and wind breeze surely captures the hearts of many visitors.

Nabas Wind Farm is located in Barangay Pawa, Malay, Aklan.

10. Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring

10. Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring

Photo courtesy of Divine Bernabe

Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring is considered as the best summer destination in the province of Aklan. It is the premier, biggest and most popular cold spring source in the province where the fresh waters are coming out of the rocks. It was developed into a cold spring resort privately owned by a family which later on became a favorite destination among local and foreign tourists. There is a wide cold spring pool everybody can enjoy swimming. The entire area is surrounded by lush greens and foliage.

Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring is situated in Nabas, Aklan.

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