Lake Balanan: Existed Because of an Earthquake

Lake Balanan is a very peaceful lake surrounded by forest and mountain ranges. Lake Balanan was developed and today, it’s one of the tourist spots in the Philippines. The lake was formed by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake on 1925.

Lake Balanan is such a perfect place for refreshing, chilling and relaxing away from noise and pollution of the city. The surrounding is just so perfect you could really feel and see the beauty of nature. The atmosphere is just so relaxing.

Lake Balanan is twenty five kilometers wide (25 km) and two hundred eighty five meters (285 m) above sea level. There are three water sources that make the lake alive, the Lamarao Creek, the Balanan Creek and the last one is the Nasig-id Creek.

Images of Lake Balanan:

Lake Balanan Image

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Lake Balanan Siaton Negros Oriental

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Things To Do in Lake Balanan:

Lake Balanan offers a lot of things to have fun and enjoy the nature. Camping is a good choice. Riding boats, swimming in the pools, experiencing their zip lines, riding bangka, kayak and triak are the things Lake Balanan could offer depending on your budget.

There are also tree houses for rent which is amazing. The place is a beautiful destination for picnic and some recreational activities. It’s just a relaxing paradise.

How to get to Lake Balanan:

Lake Balanan is located in Siaton in the province of Negros Oriental, Visayas, Philippines. To get there, let’s assume you are in Dumagete City. Let Dumagete City be our starting point. From there you have to go to the Ceres Bus Terminal to Siaton Bus Terminal. Its around an hour bus ride.

When you get to Siaton, you can ride a motorcycle to get to the lake or you can just take a hike.

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