Bulusan Lake: Switzerland of the Orient

Bulusan Lake is a tourist spot in Sorsogon. The Lake is one of the attractions in Bulusan Volcano Natural Park. Managed by a cooperative, the park gains so much attention because of it majestic art of nature and simple living.

Bulusan Volcano Natural Park is somehow surrounded by forest and there are many wild flowers and giant ferns. Philippine-Hawks, Flame-breasted fruit doves and Philippine-eagle owls can be witnessed in the park. There are falcons and eagles noticeably flying in the lake.

Many tourists called Bulusan Lake as the Switzerland of the Orient. The Lake is calm and the air is refreshing. The cool breeze and the beautiful view will surely fill you with deep appreciation with Mother Nature. Walking around the Bulusan Lake and kayaking is coolest way to enjoy your stay.

Kayaking in the lake may cost you around Php 100.00 in half an hour. Make sure to wear a vest because you might fall off the kayak of you are too robust in riding it.

Bulusan Lake Images:

Bulusan Lake

arman enaje jr. – flickr (embedded image)

Bulusan Lake Sorsogon

eduardo david pardo – flickr (embedded image)

Bulusan Volcano Natural Park

peter toshiro – flickr (embedded image)

How to get to Bulusan Lake:

Since Bulusan Lake is located in Sorsogon, you have your make your way first to Sorsogon via air, sea or land travel.

When you reach the province of Sorsogon, take a bus bound to Barcelona. Then, from Barcelona, you will ride again a jeepney that will take you to Bulusan.

After reaching Bulusan, I assume you are in the highway, take a tricycle that will take you to Bulusan Volcano Natural Park.

The fare from Sorsogon to Barcelona is around Php 40.oo. From Barcelona to Bulusan ride is around Php 30.oo. From Bulusan to Bulusan Lake it will cost around 150.oo riding a tricycle. You may want to ask the driver to wait for you on your way back.

There are other features of Bulusan Volcano Natural Park and these are the Sharp Peak and Mount Jormahan.

Bulusan Lake is an awesome creation of God that has been developed by some individuals to make it known and accessible to locals and tourists.

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