Lake Bababu: Sacred Place of Healing

Lake Bababu is a tourist spot in Surigao. The lake is situated somewhere between Puerto Princesa and Melgar in Basila, Dinagat Islands. Locals believed that the lake is sacred and have healing powers. Many believed that there are ancestral spirits in the lake that protects it. The Langit Family are the caretakers of the lake and imposes rules that must not be ignored.

Lake Bababu is a mountain lake enclosed by walls of granite.

The lake is composed or fresh water and sea water since the lake is connected to the sea. The connection is made possible by a cave underneath the lake.

This cave adds some thrill in getting to the lake. Many cave divers around the country and even tourists travel to explore this magnificent beauty. Just like in the movies where they dare to swim inside an underwater cave.

The cave that connects the lake and the sea is 700 feet. There are no gas reserves inside the cave so if you want to still live after the dive, make sure you are:

  • Physically fit to dive.
  • Trained in this activity.

There are many people who dare to challenge this majestic creation of God and as far as safety is concerned, there are no incidents of death recorded in the history.

You can also reach Lake Bababu by trekking though the mountains and forests. Many different plants and animals you can encounter during the trip. It may take long and tricky but reaching the lake is enough to take your stress away where you can enjoy the refreshing air and beautiful view of the lake.

Suggested Activities You May Consider in Lake Babau:

  • Technical Cave Diving
  • Riding a Kayak
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Trekking

 Images of Lake Bababu:

Lake Bababu

michael litang – flickr (embedded image)

Bababu Lake

michael litang – flickr

Bababu Lake

eazytraveler – flickr (embedded image)

How to get to Lake Bababu:

You can ride a plane or a ferry bound to Surigao City. From Surigao City, you need to go to the port and ride a boat that will take you to Dinagat Islands.

Just a friendly reminder, before going to Lake Bababu, you need to cooperate with the tourism office of Surigao for them to make some arrangements in schedule if necessary.

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