Lake Sebu: 7 Falls Zipline Adventure

Lake Sebu is a tourist spot situated in Cotabato. It is a watershed that supplies irrigation to the province and most ethnic group that lives in the lake are the T’bolis. Lake Sebu is not just the only lake in South Cotabato, there are 2 more lakes namely Lake Lahit and Lake Seloton but Lake Sebu got brightest spotlight among the 3. The place is so relaxing and riding a bangka is a great way to enjoy its wide areas.

There are many amazing scenes which offers you a glimpse of beauty of nature away from the pollution of the city. There are actually interesting scenes in the lake, the birds, misty leaves, the cool winds. If you really appreciate nature, Lake Sebu has a lot to offer.

Lake Sebu is a home of many wildlife animals. Egrets, kingfishers, swallows, herons, Philippine cockatoos and kites are living in the lake. Wild bores and Philippine Deers are also believed to be inhabiting around the lake. This signifies the T’bolis and the locals are taking good care of the nature.

The Department of Tourism is continually promoting Lake Sebu as the premier eco-tourism destination in South Cotabato.

There are actually 7 waterfalls in Lake Sebu. Tourism in the lake is getting higher because of the great reviews and rumors that the zipline is too exciting. This zipline is one of the highest zipline in the Philippines.

The zipline adventure is known as The Seven Falls Zipline. You can pass through 3 waterfalls out of 7. The excitement overflows throughout your body as you witness a great view form above.

Images of Lake Sebu:

Lake Sebu

rizal rodelas jr. – flickr (embedded image)

Lake Sebu

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Featured Image Credit: junsjazz – flickr

How to get to Lake Sebu:

You will need to reach first to General Santos City. From General Santos City Bus Terminal, take a bus going to Marbel. When you reach Marbel, you can ride a public van to take you to Lake Sebu.

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