Lake Balinsasayao: Silently Deep

Lake Balinsasayao is a silent but very deep lake, a tourist spot in Negros Oriental. Lake Balinsasayao is specifically located in San Jose, Negros Oriental. The lake has a frightening depth of 1, 000 feet above sea level and around 75 hectares.

The lake is calm and peaceful. Covered with deep forests and a habitat of wild birds and animals, it’s a perfect spot to relax and clear your mind.

Lake Balinsasayao has a twin lake named Lake Danao located in the northern part. The twin lakes are protected by DENR and Php 10.oo is collected upon entering the area.

The way to get there might be rough and bumpy so don’t expect a smooth trip. You need to ride a motorcycle to get to Lake Balinsasayao. Anyway, there are beautiful flowers along the way so you might want to take pictures of them.

There are no hotels or any descend and luxurious rest house in the lake but there is a restaurant there. Most foods served are simple and native dishes like native chicken for Php 50.oo and some cheaper foods.

There is an area in the restaurant where you can actually set up your tents.

To enjoy the beautiful and peaceful lake, riding a boat is the best way to do it. You can rent a boat that give you a round trip form Lake Balinsasayao to Lake Danao.

Lake Balinsasayao Images:

Lake Balinsasayao

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Lake Balinsasayao

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Lake Balinsasayao

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There is a viewing deck in Lake Balinsasayao where you can have a wide range of view to the twin lakes. The top view will surely give you a breath taking experience gazing at the beauty of Lake Balinsasayao. This deck can be accessed by riding a bangka across the lake or you can trek along the bank. There is already a trail so you will not have a hard time reaching the viewing deck but it can consume your time around 20 – 30 minutes.

Lake Balinsasayao is being developed and becoming more and more popular tourist destination in Negros Oriental.


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