Mount Pinatubo Lake: For Trekking Only

Mount Pinatubo Lake is considered as the deepest lake in the Philippines. The Lake existed because of its devastating eruption on 1991 that affects the whole world for its emission of hundreds and thousands tons of magma. The eruption was felt more in the surrounding area since a typhoon strikes dispersing all elements ejected underneath the earth though the mouth of the volcano.

Well, all things work together for good. The Mount Pinatubo Lake came to existence and became a tourist spot in Luzon. The lake is too good to watch. It’s quite, relaxing and you will really feel the nature.

Mount Pinatubo Lake is for your eyes only. It’s like watching a tempting delicious ice cream with poison that if you will taste that you might die. Same thing applies to Mount Pinatubo Lake, the government STRICLY PROHIBITED SWIMMING IN THE LAKE! This is because there are already incidents that some people who swim in the lake died. There is one person that died in the lake and when the body was recovered, there were present of blood in the nose and ears. It was believe that it was because a heat stroke, the water maybe hot so the body did not survive.

Mount Pinatubo Lake Images:

Mount Pinatubo Lake

michael sandin – flickr (embedded image)

Mount Pinatubo Lake

john marx velasco – flickr (embedded image)

Checklist and Requirements Before Going to Mount Pinatubo Lake:

The government will need your medical report before you can trek to Mount Pinatubo Lake. Only Physically fit persons are allowed to trek. If you have any problems with your health especially heat diseases, asthma, or any other conditions that will lead to fatality you are not allowed to trek to Mount Pinatubo Lake.

There are lots of tours and packages to Mount Pinatubo Lake. The tours and packages may cost around Php 1, 500.oo up to Php 12, 000.oo depending on how many persons are involved and what type of accommodation you want. If you are travelling in a group, the price will be lesser.

These are the checklist you may want to consider before going to Mount Pinatubo Lake:

  • Check your health. If you think you are physically fit to trek then go on.
  • Travel light. Remember this all the time if you are planning to have some trekking adventures.
  • Get a foot wear that will never give up during the trekking adventure. You don’t want to complain taking bare foot because your foot wear is broken.
  • Bring your own snacks. It’s good to take some rest sometimes and eat something to fuel up. Also remember to bring water. That is very important thing you should not miss to bring.

The actual trekking adventure to Mount Pinatubo Lake can cost you 2 hours so be prepared with the adventure. The trust your tour guides and follow what they say. Again, as a friendly reminder, you might fell in love in the view and in the lake but DO NOT SWIM IN MOUNT PINATUBO LAKE!

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