Pescador Island: The Sardine Run

Pescador Island is the most popular diving spot in the Philippines and a home of hundreds of thousands of sardines.  With around 2, 500 species of fishes in the Philippines, more of it is found in this island. Pescador Island is a biodiversity of large school of sardines. It has also been a spot for the recreational divers.

Pesacador Island is a small limestone island. It is composed of sandy slopes with soft corals at the top and the inner part of the island is supported by hard corals. The dives in this island are from 50 meters drop and up to 200 meters drop. It’s a very perfect spot for divers.

Under the sea, you can find what they call as the “Cathedral”. It is a very large hole with small caves inside. The holes are just enough for a person to swim in and out.

Pescador Island Cathedral

Erwin Poliakoff – Flickr

How to get to Pescador Island:

Pescador Island is one of the tourist spots in the Philippines located in Cebu in the Municipality of Malboan.

To get to Malboan, it takes almost a three hour ride from the Southern Bus terminal in Cebu City. Reaching Malboan, it’s just a four kilometers tricycle to get to Panagsama beach.

From Panagasama beach, it’s another ten to thirty minute boat ride before you will reach the Pescador Island. Reaching Pescador Island, no you’re good, you don’t have to ride anything, just enjoy it from there.

If you don’t have gears, you can rent or buy snorkel, mask and fins at the Planet Action Adventure Center.

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