Coron Island: Dive the Japanese Shipwrecks in World War II

Coron Island is one of the tourist spots in the Luzon famous for wreck diving and snorkeling. Wreck dives sites are from 10 feet to 140 feet in depth. The Japanese shipwreck remains in World War II that can be found in the area is a plus factor that makes the island be noticed by many.

Coron Island is a limestone island covered with mangrove forest. It’s a rocky island and perfect for chilling since literally it’s away from the town around 25 minutes bangka ride.

There are seven lakes in Coron Island. The two most visited lakes are Kayangan and Barracuda. Lake Baracuda catches more the attentions of divers for its fresh and blackish waters. Lake Baracuda can be accessed easily over a cliff.

coron island

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How to get to Coron Island:

Coron Island is located at Northern Palawan, Philippines. You can get to Coron Island via air travel or sea travel.

Sea Travel:

A SuperFerry liner sails from Manila to Coron. Check out the SuperFerry site.

Air Travel:

PAL Express and Cebu Pacific have flights to Busuanga. From Busuanga, it costs around an hour travel by land to get to the town proper of Coron.

Things To Do in Coron Island:

The place is perfect for diving and snorkeling. If you want just some sightseeing perhaps you can push through the nearby islands. Cagbatan Island is just near with white sand beach, mangroves and a reef. The reef is said to be wealthy of fishes and a very perfect site for snorkeling.

Pass Island and Calambuyan Island is also near where you can see clear waters in contrast with grey cliffs and wrecks. The next stop is Luzong Gunboat where the 12 Japanese Warship remains can be found at the depths of 2 to 43 meters. This dive site is one of the famous tourist dive spot in the Philippines.

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