Tinuy-an Falls: The Most Beautiful Multi-tier Waterfall in the Philippines

Tinuy-an Falls, tucked away in the remote area of Barangay Burboanan, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur, is being dubbed as the most beautiful munti-tier waterfall in the Philippines. The stunning beauty of curtain-like cascading waters will make you appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.

Tinuy-an Falls is considered as the widest waterfall in the Philippines because of its 95 meters width and 55 meters plunge. The stunning waters fall in three (3) levels (the fourth being hidden in the view). This is the reason why it is called as a multi-tiered waterfall.

The second-tier or second level is the tallest and widest of the three (3). This is where most of the visitors swim, explore and take some stunning photos. See images below.

Tinuy-an Falls Bislig Surigao del Sur

source: www.thousandwords.net

Tinuy-an Falls Bislig Surigao del Sur Philippines

source: www.thousandwords.net

You can rent a bamboo raft that will bring you closer to the cascading waters. The cost is around Php 100.00 – Php 150.00 each.

For visitors who really want to explore the area, they tend to go to the third level. There is a steep trail going there for the interested visitors. You can ask a help from a local tour guide or you can do it yourself.

Compared to the main falls, or the second-tier, this one has lesser people. The stones looks like stairs so you can sit there and relax as the cascading waters give your back a free massage.

Tinuy-an Falls Third Tier Plunge

source: www.wanderingbluecrab.com

According to the locals in Barangay Burboanan, during 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, the area shows a rainbow. This is a must-see when going to Tinuy-an Falls. So you should make your travel time earlier to see this one. Look at the picture below.

Tinuy-an Falls Bislig Surigao del Sur Rainbow

source: www.wanderingbluecrab.com

Tinuy-an Falls is one of the most popular destination in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur. But if you want to go here, do not expect a world class or resort-like amenities. There are picnic tables near the main waterfall on a first-come first-serve basis so better go here early. There are also stores near the falls.

The entrance fee is only Php 50.00. If you want to go to the third-tier falls and you need a local tour guide, most of the visitors give Php 20.00 tip. But you can give better than that.

How to go to Tinuy-an Falls:

From Manila, take a flight bound to Butuan City or Davao City. From either of the two locations, ride on a non-aircon bus going to Mangagoy, Bislig City. The fare is around Php 350.00 and about 5 – 6 hours travel time.

From Bislig City, ride on single motorcycle that will take you to Tinuy-an Falls. Make sure to negotiate with the driver that you are going to the falls and back to the city. The total usual fare is Php 300 – Php 400 including waiting time.

The travel time might be long and sometimes rough but when you get there, upon seeing the majestic waterfalls, all your efforts will be worth it.

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