Viral: Visit Palo Alto Falls in Rizal [PHP 300 Budget Guide]

Palo Alto Falls is one of the best kept secret waterfalls in the province of Rizal. It is located inside the 200-hectare Palo Alto Leisure and Residential Estates in Barangay Pinugay, Baras, Rizal. It was developed by Sta. Lucia Land Inc. with cottages, picnic tables, concrete walkways and more.

Palo Alto Falls Rizal

Social media is one of the great ways where tourist destinations like this made known to the nearby towns or even the entire Philippines. Maybe this falls is just popular in the municipality of Baras or maybe just in the people in the province of Rizal. But recently this year, one post on social media made travel enthusiast or group of friends or families in the nearby towns excited to visit Palo Alto Falls.

Jomar Nagamos Alameda, a young Filipino who loves to travel, shared his experience with his friends in Palo Alto Falls. In his Facebook post, he shared a useful budget guide on how to reach the falls that comes with very interesting pictures. His post alone went viral on Facebook for many days ’till today gaining 85K+ reactions, 100K+ shares, 43K+ comments.

The following are the images and useful guide Jomar Alameda shared.

LOOK: Interesting Images of Palo Alto Falls

How to get to Palo Alto Falls

  1. From Cubao, one have to ride a jeepney going to Cogeo 2 or Gate 2. (Fare is around Php 30)
  2. From Cogeo 2, ride a jeepney bound to Sampaloc and ask the driver to stop at Palo Alto Falls. (Fare is around Php 30 – 40)


  • Entrance Fee: Php 100
  • Cottage: Php 700
  • Tables and Chairs: Php 400

To reach the falls, you have to walk around 249 steps from the entrance. The tables and chairs are in first come first serve basis so better come early. Overnight stay in the falls is not allowed, it is only open at 7:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon but you can stay overnight at the clubhouse (book ahead of time).

There are no stores in the falls so better bring your own food. Based on what Jomar shared, Palo Alto Falls is only open during weekends.

Jomar Alameda shared a very interesting Palo Alto Falls in Rizal that comes with beautiful images of it. The travel adventures of this young Filipino is worth to follow. Please don’t forget to hit the share button below before you plan your visit. If you would like to share your own travel guide, do contact us.

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