Pagsanjan Falls: Shooting the Rapids

Pagsanjan Falls is a world-class, exciting and fantastic waterfall. Behind the falls is the Devil’s cave. I’m wondering why they call that cave such a name but inside is good for swimming and chilling. The place is like a natural swimming pool, cold, clean (not in rainy days though) and refreshing.

Pagsanjan Falls

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Pagsanjan Falls is located in the province of Laguna. It has three drops and the longest drop is 120 meters. A confluence of two rivers, one is Balanac River and the other is Bumbungan River.

Tourists really like to be challenged by the way how to get there and on the way back. It’s a perfect adventure for thriller seekers. Orchids, ferns, vines are present and if you are lucky, you can find monkeys there.


How to get to Pagsanjan Falls:

Pagsanjan Falls is what the people in Province of Laguna are most proud of. There are two ways to get there. One is the most famous the other is I say “safe”.

The best way to get there is riding the dugout conoe famous by what the locals called “Shooting the Rapids.” Before, the boats are just composed wooden materials but today, they are made up of fiber glass. It’s an upstream ride and maneuvered by two licensed boatmen through the narrow river add up rocks and big rocks and many hindrances along the way. Imagine how strong and picture out those arms the two boatmen could have.

Along the way you can view the trees, some monkeys and plants. If you find the way to get there is boring? Then brace up for the way back is the most thrilling. But not yet, I have to tell the second way to get there.

The second way to get there is riding your slipper or shoes. Find that exciting? You can also get to the Pagsanjan falls by a short hike from Cavinti. You can still find some animals, plants, trees rock formations along the way. Reaching the top, there is a ladder for you to get down and enjoy the falls and that’s it.

The return is the most trilling part. A total of 14 boats will go downstream. With those current taking the boats down and maneuvered again by the very skill and trained boatmen. It’s like being the Rambo in the John Rambo Movie. The trill, the splashing water, the bumpy ride, the rocks, the boatmen taking the rough course, the downstream, you will find some thrills out of it. That’s what made Pagsanjan falls a famous tourist spots in the Philippines.



Of course it’s some water adventure so mind bringing some extra clothes and water proof containers of your gadgets and money. Of course you don’t want to be angry after those exciting trips when you found out your iPhone6 got wet or your thousand dollars is useless anymore. So take some preparations.



Did you know that those boatmen took 6 months of rough training to get a license? Also did you know the locals call Pagsanjan Falls as Magdapio Falls?

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