Enchanted River: The Most Mysterious River in the Philippines

Mysterious creatures like fairies, pixies and mermaids are believed to be dwelling in Enchanted River, Hinatuan, Surigao de Sur, Philippines.

The locals said:

Everytime the fairies touches the river, it becomes clearer and clearer.

The water in Hinatuan River or Enchanted River is bluish and very clear. When someone swims in the middle of the river as if he is floating in the sky for it is very clear and relaxing.

There are also many fishes big and small swimming in the river even though there are tourists watching them. In 12:00 noon, the Hinatuan Hymn is being played. It is like a ritual. It is during this time that everyone swimming in the river paddle back to the land.

Enchanted River Hinatuan Fishes

When the area is clear the fishes then, in increasing number, appears in the river while the caretaker feeds them.

To add up, it is a very very deep river. There are many attempts done by the tourists and divers in order to reach the blackish bottom of the river but nobody ever succeeded.

The unusual colors and unexplored depths of Enchanted River makes it worthy calling as unique and mysterious river in the Philippines.

Stories have been told that there are fairies and mermaids taking care of the river. Rare cases, when there are tourists who disrespects the nature especially those who are very very noisy feels some afflictions – unexplainable body pains or itchiness.

The locals said that the tourists should not fear the place as long as they respect nature. Well in fact, Hinatuan River or Enchanted River is the most visited natural tourist attraction in Surigao del Sur.

enchanted river surigao del sur

enchanted river surigao

Hinatuan River

There are cottages, chairs and picnic tables in the area. There are also lifeguards. The locals have many stalls where fresh and delicious food are being sold.

The caretakers of Enchanted River closes every 5:00 in the afternoon. Nobody is allowed to swim or go near the river since it is believed that during this time, the fairies, mermaids, pixies and mysterious creatures go out and watch the river.

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