Halsema Highway: Deadliest Road in Philippines

Halsema Highway is considered as the deadliest road in the Philippines. It is also called as the Benguet-Mountain Province Road since it stretches from Baguio, Benguet to Bontoc, Mountain Province.

This is a scary road going up and down the mountains. Its highest point is 7, 400 feet above sea level and because of this it is considered as the highest altitude highway in the Philippines.

This is the only road taken by the farmers to distribute and sell their crops in Baguio.

In the past years, Halsema Highway is at the Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World. This is a deadly road because it is a land-slide prone area. Big stones and debris tumble from peaks. The roads are unpaved and there are only few guard rails.

What could make this worse? When it rains, the road becomes slippery and is heavily covered by thick fogs. Almost zero visibility makes it impassable to many vehicle drivers. Also land-slides make them to a complete stop.

Along Halsema Highway, buses have been known to topple right off the edge!

Halsema Highway Most Dangerous Road in the Philippines

Halsema Higway Deadliest Road in the Philippines

Halsema Highway

But the highway now is much safer than years ago. The highway have been paved and there already guard rails. The once deadly and dangerous road now gives travelers a peek of otherworldly beauty. The drive through Halsema features jaw-dropping scenery and a way to experience the famous spot, Sagada.

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