Mount Ragang: The Blue Mountain

Mount Ragang is an active volcano located in Lanao del Sur. The mountain is the most active volcano in Mindano. Popularly known as Mount Piapayungan and Blue Mountain, Mount Ragang still lies silently in Central Mindanao Arc which is a string of volcanoes in Mindanao.

There are no clear records found on how many times Mount Ragang had erupted. Records of Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology and other organizations do not coincide.

A beautiful view from afar covered with clouds and blue like color that’s why no doubt that many adventure seekers and trekkers want to conquer the famous Mount Ragang.

Mount Ragang is considered as the 7th highest mountain in the Philippines having a 2, 815 meters elevation above sea level. Unfortunately, Mount Ragang is for your eyes and your cameras only. The mountain is not safe to climb. Since it is located in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, the government and locals warned not to climb the mountain.

There are rumors that there are rebels camping somewhere in the foot of the mountain and the government warned to avoid going into the mountain. Many wanted to explore the mountain but the conflict between these parties hinders the possible tourism in Mount Ragang.

There are some who dares to climb the mountain and blessed enough to return safely. Many mountain climbers wanted to climb the mountain but they are only an addition to the people who are praying for peace in Mindanao.

Images of Mount Ragang:

Mount Ragang

image credit – trekker trail

Mount Ragang Lanao del Sur

image credit – trekker trail

Mount Ragang Trivia:

On the first week of April 2013, Gideon Lasco and his team climbed the peak of Mount Ragang. They are the first persons recorded that climbed Mount Ragang and went down safely.

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