Mount Matutum: Climb and Plant

Mount Matutum is an interesting tourist spot in North Cotabato situated in General Santos City. Mount Matutum stands tall at 7, 500 feet above sea level. It has a cater dimension at the top which is around 320 meters. Mount Matutum is considered as an active volcano.

Mount Matutum is clothed with vast forest. Different kinds of plants and animals specially, birds found their home at the mountain. Wild ferns, trees and around 110 species of plants are present in the forest of the mountain.

It is also amazing to know that the soil in the foot of the mountain is too fertile that a famous company Dole pineapple plantation found its perfect spot to plant.

The forest is also a home of around 57 species of wildlife. Perhaps, Philippine Eagles are believed to be nesting in the depth of the forest.

The mountain is a luring spot for the mountaineers. Its cone shape and steep slope attracts the attention of many mountain climbers. There is a program called “Amyak Maleh” which means that for every person who dares to climb the mountain must “Climb and Plant”. Mount Matutum is in the care of the T’boli who lived in the area.

Images of Mount Matutum:

Mount Matutum

mark pedregosa – flicker (embedded image)

Mount Matutum

alan echano – flickr (embedded image)

Mount Matutum

alan echano – flickr (embedded image)

Mount Matutum

carlo antonio romero – flickr (embedded image)

Mount Matutum

gary todd – flickr (embedded image)

Mount Matutum

allan baredo – flickr (embedded image)

Mount Matutum is an amazing active volcano. The pictures itself reveal how beautiful and majestic this popular volcano is. If you are interested in climbing Mount Matutum, there are paid guides available just inquire in the tourism office.

Important Notes Before Trekking to Mount Matutum:

Cooperate with the Tourism Office if you are planning to climb the mountain.

Trekking to reach the peak of Mount Matutum could take 1 to 2 days.

Guide Fee is around Php 500.00  same rate with the porters.

Make sure you are physically fit in order to prevent body failures during the adventure.


Day 1
0500 Take bus / transport to Tupi, South Cotabato
0900 ETA Kablon Crossing, Tupi. Take vehicle to Sitio Glandang
0930 ETA jump-off; register at Tourist Guard House / DENR
1100 Start trek
1200 Lunch at Camp 1
1300 Resume trek
1700 ETA summit of Mt. Matutum
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0600 Breakfast / sunrise views
0700 Break camp
0800 Start descent
1200 Back at jump-off; return to highway
1300 Take bus back to Davao / GenSan / Koronadal

(This itinerary source is from Pinoy Mountaineer)

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