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Philippines is really one of the best travel destinations in the world. In fact, Philippines ranked 8th in the Best in Travel 2015 by Lonely Planet.

The Department of Tourism is making great jobs in promoting tourist attractions in the Philippines. DOT shared a promotional video of “15 Ways to have more fun in 2015” which is really good.

15 Ways To Have More Fun in the Philippines 2015

15 ways to have more fun in the Philippines 2015 DOT

#1. Learn new dance moves “at an 800-year old Festival” (Lonely Planet)

#2. Get a makeover “on the world’s most beautiful island” (Travel+Leisure)

#3. Take a history lesson on a classroom that has more the four walls.

#4. Catch a concert and see more stars than expected.

#5. Work on your photo skills “at the world’s selfie capital” (TIME)

#6. Go sightseeing and be the main attraction.

#7. Get the job done but never run out of things to do.

#8. Check everything on your shopping list in malls the size of cities.

#9. Make new friends where there are millions to choose from.

#10. Do your regular workout in a gym that isn’t ordinary.

#11. Make lunch plans “with the next big thing in food” (Bizarre Foods)

#12. Take a moment to recharge “in the world’s best place to unplug” (Conde Nast Traveler)

#13. Go for a stroll at a UNESCO World Heritage site.

#14. Make a new discovery “on one of the best secret beaches” (Travel+Leisure)

#15. Celebrate the happiest day of the year four months long.

What’s more heart capturing moment in this video is when DOT noted at the near end “But what makes everything more fun is our people.”

15 ways to have more fun in the Philippines 2015 DOT people

Indeed, its the people around, the hospitable Filipinos, that make every tourist destination in the Philippines alive and more fun.

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